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Tattoo Cover Up Kit: Look the Way You Want to Look On Your Wedding Day

May 27, 2014

Chances are good that at least part of the reason you got a tattoo was because you were exercising control over your look. Whether it was a tattoo to honor someone else, honor something about yourself, pay tribute to a favorite band or movie, or any of another million things, by getting the tattoo you were changing something about your body’s appearance. And unless someone forced you to do it, you were getting that tattoo because you wanted to. And that freedom right there is an awesome thing! Just don’t forget that you also have the freedom to cover your tattoo on your wedding day. That too is up to you!

Now, we know there are many reasons for wanting a tattoo cover up kit that have nothing to do with what you want. Perhaps your mom doesn’t want your grandma to see your tattoo, or your soon-to-be-spouse’s family won’t approve. If those are the scenarios, and you wish you could show your tattoo, we’re sorry you’re in such a predicament. But of all the brides to whom we sell tattoo cover up kits, the majority of them are doing it because they want to. 99% of the time they are happy with their tattoo. It is an important part of them, was a choice they’re glad they’re made, and in many cases, they wouldn’t trade it for just about anything. And all that considered, on this day – their wedding day – they want to keep it under cover. It might be that the cut of their dress doesn’t work well with its placement, or that it’s usually covered and it won’t be. There are countless reasons brides want to cover their tattoos for their wedding day, and whatever they are, we have the tattoo cover up kit to help them do so.

If a bride-to-be in your life wants to cover her tattoo, and you know it’s her decision and hers alone, we hope you’ll honor that choice she has made. I knew a lovely young woman whose friends challenged her decision right up until her wedding day and it made her unnecessarily second guess herself more than once. You were able to get a tattoo in the first place because you and you alone control your body. And if you want to cover that tattoo for your wedding, or any number of reasons or occasions, we encourage you to do what makes you happy. After all, the pursuit of happiness is why you’re getting married, right? :)

Darling Dresses that are a Definite ‘Do’ for Summer Weddings

May 19, 2014

Oh, the beauty of a summer wedding! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, and everything seems right with the world. That is, of course, assuming that you aren’t wearing something a bit too heavy and are ready to pass out from heat exhaustion!

The simple truth is, for everything we love about summer, in many areas of the country some days are just too hot and humid. If you can spend those days in a swimming pool, lake or ocean, you’re going to be a happy camper. But if a wedding falls on one of those days, it might be a bit trickier to keep cool. Three things we encourage in situations such as this to help you enjoy the day to its fullest are: Drink plenty of water; Bring a fan; Dress for the weather.

As for the water and the fan, you won’t find those here at But the summer formal dresses? Those we have! And here are a few beautiful styles to consider that combine sophistication with breathability…

Bari Jay 853 Chiffon Dress: Not only does this dress offer breezy, beautiful, ethereal elegance, it’s actually two dresses in one! Yes, that chic chiffon overlay can be completely removed to reveal a form-fitting cocktail dress underneath. Not only does this allow you to switch up your look, wearing this dress different ways for different occasions, but it also gives you control over coverage. While it’s a lightweight design either way, if the temperature really kicks up you can take off the overdress if you wish.

Night Moves 7068 Cocktail Dress: We don’t only love Night Moves dresses because they remind us of that classic song by Bob Seger, we also love how fun and flirty they are! This flowing, flippy design is no exception, with a top embellished with the prettiest little flowers, each accented with clear beading. This dress is what summer is all about – it’s lovely in its lightness, fabulous in its fresh look and feel.

Add Some Style to Summer with a Captivating Cocktail Dress!

May 12, 2014

You know that wonderful feeling you get when you really take the time to look your best and you know you’re glowing? You know the feeling I mean; it goes all through you and shows in your every move and word. You carry yourself differently, smile a little brighter, laugh a little louder, and feel cool, calm, and confident. Most days many of us barely have time to brush our teeth in the morning before heading out to work, and end up hastily throwing on some moisturizer, a comfortable pair of pants and a top before rushing out the door still tying our ponytail back. And hey – that’s OK! We lead busy lives and other things have to take importance sometimes. Namely, that last bit of sleep that means so much! But what if you really pulled out all the stops more often than once or twice a year? What if you made a promise to yourself that at least once a month – and then, maybe more often! – you pampered yourself tip to toe. Here’s what we’re proposing…

Let’s assume your special evening out is with a romantic partner or a group of your best friends. Start the day right by getting enough sleep the night before, waking up naturally (give that alarm and yourself a break!), prepare and enjoy a healthy breakfast (go ahead, sit down!), perhaps even read the paper. When the time comes to hit the shower or take a soak in the tub, use some of those special products you never make time for – the exfoliating scrubs, the hair masks, the deep conditioning facial treatments. Once you’re all cleaned up, continue pampering your skin out-of-shower while it’s still damp. Gently apply facial moisturizer, slather lotion or body butter all over, paying attention to elbows, knees and other rough bits. Play your favorite music while you primp, or enjoy the silence if that’s rare!

Be patient with your hair, try something new with your makeup, and put one of those countless bottles of nail polish we all have to good use. In summary – take care of you. Put the time and attention in knowing you’ll reap the rewards in how wonderful it makes you feel. And then… the really great part. Put on your new cocktail dress. A shiny pair of heels or wedges would be nice, too!

As for where to find the cocktail dress (or dresses) of your dreams? At, of course! And as for where to go wearing your new dress – well, that part is up to you. Maybe you’ll check out a new restaurant in the area, or take in an art exhibit. Even in the smallest towns, there is usually something unique or exciting to do. Just make the time to actually do it! Save those comfortable jeans for a manic Monday morning. This weekend is all about you.

Breezy, Breathtaking, Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses for Summer: Part Three!

Apr 30, 2014

Welcome to the final installment in our short but sweet highlight of some of our favorite bridesmaid dresses for spring and summer 2014. If you haven’t checked out our previous two posts, please do! We’ve already featured 4 of our favorite summer bridesmaids dresses, and they are sure to make deciding on just one tricky. But as more stylish dresses are added to our inventory, we couldn’t resist showcasing two more head-turners that are a hot choice for hot weather. Plus, everyone loves a trilogy, right?!

Without further ado, here are a couple more captivating designs to consider selecting for a few of your favorite ladies…

Allure Short Bridesmaid Dress 1309: Your gorgeous girls will be radiant in ruffles! This bridesmaid dress is as fresh and summery as they get, and is available in more than 50 colors. The A-line skirt keeps it beautifully breathable, while the ruched bodice adds formal femininity. A halter neckline makes this a great choice for bridesmaids with larger or smaller busts, both of which can make strapless dresses tricky to keep up. Instead of worrying about accidentally flashing your guests, your bridesmaids can focus on having fun and celebrating this important step in your life!

Mori Lee Lace Bridesmaid Dress 31011: Available in 26 stunning color combinations, this lace bridesmaid dress by Mori Lee is a little bit vintage, a little bit modern. Elegant lace dresses are all the rage right now, and this sweet and sassy stunner goes a long way toward showing why. What we also love about this dress is that it makes a great pick for women with various styles, so it will be just as flattering on your petite, preppy friend as it on your tall, tattooed bestie. Everyone looks lovely in lace!

Breezy, Breathtaking, Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses for Summer: Part Two!

Apr 28, 2014

In our last blog post we discussed why it’s so important to choose season-appropriate bridesmaid dresses for summer and spring. In short – if a bridesmaid catches a chill in the fall or winter, she can always reach for a shawl. But if her dress has her uncomfortably sweating on a hot day, there’s not much she can do about it! We highlighted two of our favorite summer bridesmaid dresses for 2014, but there are so many marvelous styles to choose from, we simply couldn’t stop there. We hope you’ll check out our previous post if you haven’t yet – perhaps one of those dresses will be perfect! But if they aren’t, here are 2 more that definitely deserve consideration…

Alfred Angelo Bridesmaid Dress 7138: This dress already had our attention with its unexpected one shoulder design, but once we realized that single strap was decorated with roses, we were in love! What we love most about this dress is that it’s a wonderful choice for bridesmaids of all ages. It is fun and trendy enough that teens will look terrific, but it also looks lovely on women whose teen years are well behind them! The pleated bust works well with smaller and larger chests, and the empire waistband ensures that you can have your cake and eat it too, without worrying you’ll be uncomfortable. Choose from 60 spectacular colors, and an array of sizes, including 0 – 30W, and juniors sizes 8 – 14.

Alfred Sung Cocktail Bridesmaid Dress D640: If modern, chic and stylishly sleek are musts, we think we have the dress for you! This peau de soie cocktail dress shows how eye-catching a simple design can be when it’s executed perfectly. Clean lines make for a flawless finish, and the unexpected addition of pockets has us absolutely head-over-heels. Vintage inspired, but decidedly modern, this Alfred Sung design takes the best from the past and brings it to the present, and will surely be worn again by all your bridesmaids in the future!

Breezy, Breathtaking, Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses for Summer!

Apr 25, 2014

If you have your heart set on a sleeveless bridesmaid dress for fall or winter, a shawl can always be added to keep shoulders warm. However, when deciding which dresses to choose for spring and summer, it is more important to consider the weather than it is for cooler months. After all – if you’re cold, it’s easy to wrap yourself in something to battle the chill. But if your dress makes you too hot, there isn’t much you can do about it other than pray for a breeze or stand in front of a fan!

While it is important to choose bridesmaid dresses for summer weddings that complement your taste and the overall look you’re aiming for, it’s imperative to consider the comfort of your bridesmaids as well. After all, their day will be almost as long as yours, starting early at the salon, and ending late on the dance floor. You don’t want them to be unnecessarily warm because you chose a heavy dress, especially when there are so many lovely, lightweight designs to consider!

Today we’ll be highlighting 2 of our favorite bridesmaid dresses for Summer 2014. Be sure to click through to check them out in greater detail, and check back for our next post, which will feature even more options!

Pretty Maids Short Bridesmaid Dress 22531: With a sweetheart neckline and flowy chiffon overlay, this flirty, flattering dress couldn’t be more charming! The layered look makes this dress flattering for women of all shapes and sizes, with a ruched band at the empire waist drawing the eye to one of the thinnest areas of the body. This dress is an absolute dream when in motion, making it as fun to wear as it is feminine and spirited!

After Six Short Bridesmaid Dress 6689: Keeping cool while looking oh-so-pretty was never so elegantly easy! This sleeveless style is on trend and youthful, with a satin bow that offers a defined waist without compromising on the perfect amount of volume elsewhere. This design is flattering for many body types and heights, and is an especially popular pick for brides whose maids want some coverage for their chest, or don’t want to be tugging at their dress all day to keep it up. This cocktail bridesmaid dress is also a favorite because it is one they will really, truly be able to wear again for countless occasions, from evenings out to summer parties!

Roz la Kelin Glamour Plus Wedding Gowns

Apr 14, 2014

As any plus size woman understands very well, there are ultimately two types of plus size clothing. First, you have plus size clothes that were made specifically for a fuller figure. Every angle is considered and fits and flatters your curves beautifully. Then, there are the plus size clothes that seem as though they were simply sized up from a smaller size. If it’s a top, the overall length and sleeves are too short. If it’s a pair of pants, they usually don’t have enough room in the hips or rear. And if it’s a dress, everything can be completely out of whack! Luckily, Roz la Kelin Glamour Plus size wedding dresses are part of the first type of plus size clothing, with each dress impeccably designed for a fuller figure. The result is nothing short of spectacular, making this deserving designer a top selection for many plus size brides.

When you browse our collection of Roz la Kelin Glamour Plus size wedding dresses, you’ll quickly notice that getting the right fit wasn’t the only task in the designer’s mind. Roz la Kelin dresses are truly breathtaking in their beauty; unique without straying too far from classic style, and of an obviously high quality in every way. There isn’t a single gown in her collection that I wouldn’t be more than happy to wear myself, and I’m confident you’ll agree!

These designs are at once classic and modern; fiercely feminine with a grown-up grandeur. They combine many elements while looking chic, pretty and polished – never the least bit over-the-top or ‘busy’. Many designs also have elements that can be tricky to find, including lace sleeves. Rather than looking like an addition to the dress, Roz la Kelin makes the sleeves an integral aspect of the design, giving your arms coverage that is light, ladylike, and fuss-free, unlike a shawl, jacket or bolero can be. Browse our collection today and see for yourself! We hope you love them as much as we do.

Lovely, Ladylike, Lace Mother of the Bride Dresses

Mar 31, 2014

Montage by Mon Cheri 113919Caterina by Jordan 9005We’ve dedicated all our blog posts this month to mother of the bride dresses, starting with a spotlight on modern, moving next to plus size, and being sure to take a stop at sexy. There is a natural overlap for all of these categories and more, but as each is a popular criteria unto itself we wanted to give them all their due attention. As for which mother of the bride dresses to focus on in this final post for March, we tossed around a few ideas before the light bulb over ‘lace’ lit up!

We’ve highlighted a few lace mother of the bride dresses already, but there are many more that are also worthy of your consideration. And here are two of them…

Caterina by Jordan 9005: This showstopping gown is simply stunning in every of many available colors. Elegant, refined, grand glamour – this is the lace dress others are measured against! Available in sizes 0 – 34, this trumpet skirt gown is a flattering choice for many figures. Femininity is key from the sweetheart neckline to the removable lace wrap. In fact, it’s the wrap that many women cite as their primary reason for choosing this dress. While it looks flawless without the wrap, it looks just as flawless with it. You would never guess it wasn’t a permanent detail of the dress unless you saw someone take it off!

Montage by Mon Cheri 113919: Sometimes when you’re looking for unique beauty, you just have to take things in from a new angle! Asymmetrical tiers of beautiful blue lace are dramatically defined against a nude underlay. The enchanting effect of the angles is enhanced even further with a single cap sleeve. Romantic, fashionable, and far from the ordinary, this vintage-inspired mother of the bride dress is a perfect 10, like you!

Sexy Mother of the Bride Dresses are Here at Dimitra!

Mar 28, 2014

Looking for sexy mother of the bride dresses that are anything but your mother’s dress? We offer the best selection! Gone are the days of hiding beneath baggy clothes just because our age doesn’t start with a ‘2’ anymore. Age is nothing but a number, and beauty doesn’t go away when our birthday cake hits a certain number of candles. Showcase those curves and your modern style with sexy mother of the bride dresses that are both eye-catching and appropriate for the special occasion. Here are two of our top picks…

High Slit Mori Lee Dress (70924): What do you get when you combine floral black lace, sparkling sequins, sheer sleeves, and a slit to showcase legs that don’t quit? You get one of our sexiest mother of the bride dresses from the VM Mori Lee collection! This slim fit gown is unstoppably gorgeous, and something you’ll actually be able to wear again. In fact, you might want to book that cruise right now or make dinner reservations at the restaurant you’ve been wanting to check out for years, because you’re going to want to wear this again, and soon!

Enzoani Mother of the Bride Dress MA6: Available in an array of stunning colors, including this beautiful ivory, Enzoani has designed one of the most chic, stylish, and sexy dresses we’ve seen – and we’ve seen a lot of dresses! This cocktail mother of the bride dress is at once elegant and eye-catching, following your every curve while being polished and tasteful. A scalloped lace embroidered floral detailing adds a timeless femininity, while the overall look is decidedly for the modern woman.

Pretty, Polished, Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses

Mar 20, 2014

This month on the blog we’re placing a special focus on our extensive collection of mother of the bride dresses. We have quite a smashing selection, and we don’t always give them the attention they deserve! In our first post, Marvelous, Magnificently Modern Mother of the Bride Dresses, we highlighted two of our favorite statement dresses, one with oversized ruffles, the other a siren red. In this post we’ll be touching on two of our favorite plus size mother of the bride dresses. But for the record, both of those featured in the previous post are available in plus sizes as well! So if you have your heart set on one of the dresses from last week’s post, they are available in sizes 2 – 26 and 4 – 26. Liked those but looking for something different? How about one of these fashionable designs…

All Wrapped Up with a Bow: Among the most popular trends today in everyday fashion and formal fashion is bows. This Alyce mother of the bride dress showcases the bow trend in a very sophisticated, ladylike way. It’s easy for bows to look a bit too casual, but Alyce elevates the bow to a gorgeous grown-up level with the perfect size, placement, and unexpected angle. The sheer sleeves are ideal for women who want some cover for their arms, but not the heaviness in feel and appearance that an opaque sleeve brings. Stylish and refined, this affordable mother of the bride dress is perfect for women of all shapes and sizes, and is available in sizes 4 – 32.

Lovely in Lace: The lace trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and we couldn’t be happier! Lace provides the ultimate in feminine elegance, keeping you covered but allowing your skin to shine through. For those of us that like to keep our arms covered, but don’t want to fuss with a jacket or wear a heavy sleeve, lace meets us in the middle keeping us and our look breathable and beautiful. I can’t express enough how much I love this lace mother of the bride dress by VM Mori Lee. On one hand, there is a lot going on here, with a v-neck front and v-back, a wide ruched waistband, a layered skirt, a lace top and sleeves, and a beaded brooch. On the other hand, it couldn’t come together more elegantly or flawlessly. When the design is right, you can have it all, in sizes 2 – 26.