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Find Wedding Bliss At

Aug 29, 2009

If you’ve been reading our posts, you might realize we love weddings quite a bit. We love to read wedding blogs, particularly, one our favorite and always interesting wedding blogs! Claudia from Hitched and Blissed is getting married in only a few short months, and blogs her way through her wedding planning.

The posts at Hitched and Blissed are always interesting, and we just love her newest post, “Sneak Peek”, where she gives a glimpse of her beautiful wedding invitations. We also very much enjoyed “Hint #4…Be Unconventional” – we agree that being unique and being yourself is the best way to enjoy life and especially life together as a couple.

We wish Claudia a beautiful wedding and marriage, and look forward to reading more posts!

Feel Like A Princess On Your Wedding Day

Aug 26, 2009

Your wedding day isn’t exactly an everyday event, and it’s important to plan your wedding day exactly how you want it. Many brides say they’d love to look like a princess on their wedding day, and at Dimitra Designs, we’re all for granting their fairy tale wishes! One of our favorite ways to help brides dress like a pretty princess is to help the bride choose a beautiful wedding tiara.

Before your select just any tiara, there’s several points to keep in mind:

1. Type of Tiara – This will usually depend on the amount of accessories you’re wearing. If you decide to wear understated earrings or a necklace, you may want to go for a taller, more intricate tiara. The headband style tiaras are equally exquisite, and look best for brides who want a more simple look or are already wearing many beautiful accessories. Our 9420 Bridal Tiara has a very regal look, while the 499 Bridal Tiara features the headband style.

2. Color – The classic look of a bride dressed in white from head-to-toe is beautiful, but you may want to inject some color in your tiara. Check out our 455 Bridal Tiara that features light purple and blue accents.

3. Personality - Every wedding tiara has a different personality. For the bride who wants to feel like a exquisite princess, we suggest the 9414 Bridal Tiara. Traditional brides will love the pearly 443 Bridal Tiara, and the adventurous types among us will undoubtedly be enraptured by the 448 Bridal Tiara, featuring gold, blue, and purple accents.

Dressing For Your Shape: Large Bust

Aug 21, 2009

Jasmine Wedding Gown

Jasmine Wedding Gown

Having a large bust can be both a blessing and a huge source of frustration when shopping for a wedding dress. To help you through your search for the perfect wedding gown, let provide you with some great tips on how to dress for your body type without feeling squashed or over-exposed:

  1. Dresses with scooped necklines can compliment your bust without showing off way to much cleavage, like this lovely wedding gown from

  2. If you love strapless styles, get a good strapless bra and choose a strapless wedding gown that features a slight dip, like a sweetheart style.

  3. Avoid shiny fabrics like organza, silk, or satin that can add volume and call attention to your chest. Also avoid any kind of large embellishment or excess detailing on or near the bust.

  4. A-line or princess style skirts can help to balance out your shape and drop waists can help to elongate your torso, like this wedding gown from

  5. Stay away from high necklines, bateau, jewel, or straight cut strapless styles.

  6. Always wear the right supportive bra for underneath your gown.

A Few Tips for Pageants

Aug 14, 2009

Competing in a pageant can be more than just an experience. It can be a true test of limits, a method for growth, and an incredibly powerful confidence builder. If you’re on your way to the crown and need some info on how to get there for sure, consider these tips from

  1. Hiring a pageant coach can be a smart move for you, especially if you’re a beginner in competing. However, keep in mind that you will pay more for expertise. Some pageant coaches charge around $100 per hour to coach you to the crown, though many of them assist repeat winners.

  2. Go for natural looking hair and makeup that is age appropriate. Depending on the type of pageant you’re competing in, there will be different guidelines. Try to avoid looking overdone and go with classic, natural looking makeup that accents your features, not drowns them out.

  3. When it comes time to choose an evening gown, read through your pageant guidelines. Be sure that you follow the rules on color, length, fit and embellishment. They’re judging you on beauty, poise, and professionalism – not just your gown.

  4. Be your best self. Don’t feel like you have to be fake or act your way through the pageant. Act naturally.

  5. Take the interview portion seriously and dress professionally in a suit that is well tailored and conservative. Let your answers show your personality and practice, practice, practice!

Dressing For Your Body Type: Pear

Aug 7, 2009

Having wider hips isn’t a bad thing if you’re a bride. In fact, being a pear shape allows for you to enjoy a lot of great styles that some other shapes could never pull off. If you’re a woman with full hips and a passion for great style, remember some of these tips when shopping for your wedding dress.

Pear shapes want to look to balance out their body by taking the focus away from their hips. To do that, choose and interesting neckline or a top that has a lot of detail or embellishment. Strapless, v-neck, or scooped necklines are all great choices. In terms of cut, empire waistlines, a-line skirts, and full ball gowns can be great – just stay away from clingy, slinky, or mermaid styles of wedding dress that can play up your hips and make you look thicker.

Look to emphasize the size of your waist with beautiful details, a structured bodice, or a lovely ribbon or sash. Diagonal draping on the bodice can also work beautifully. Avoid high neck or halter necklines that can make your hips look bigger. Also, stay away from details or bulk around the hip area that can draw attention.