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Helping Mom Find The Perfect Dress

Nov 6, 2009


An elegant pewter mother of the bride dress

While you’re in the middle of searching for the perfect wedding gown and dresses for your bridesmaids, it’s important to take a moment to help another very special woman with her dress: you mom. Even though the focus is on you during your wedding, you want mom to feel comfortable and chic during the ceremony and in pictures.

Mother Of The Bride Dresses have come a long way over the years. There are options that will fit every woman’s style. Before you and your mom go dress shopping, take a moment to review her style and your shopping trip will be a breeze.

  • How formal is your wedding? You don’t want to dress mom in a sun dress for a black tie event. You also don’t want her stuck in a floor length gown if your wedding is more of an English garden party than a formal event. Make sure she’s aware of your overall theme.
  • What’s her body type? Just like the bride and bridesmaids, mom probably has some pain points she’d like to hide. Decide on her best features and look for dresses that highlight those and disguise problem spots.

  • What’s your color scheme? This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but you might want to color coordinate both mothers on the big day. If your color scheme is brown and pink, she might want to pick a different color to stand out from the bridal party, like tan, purple, or blue. Conversely, you don’t want her standing out in electric green if your colors are yellow and purple.

In the end, you want your mother to be comfortable and happy on your wedding day. With a little direction from you, she’ll be sure to find a dress that she loves!

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