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Would You Have A Christmas Wedding?

Nov 27, 2009


Long gloves at a winter wedding are an elegant touch!

Long gloves at a winter wedding are an elegant touch!

While I was reading all the Black Friday ads yesterday, I started fawning over a lot of the elegant Christmas decorations that were on sale. I started to look for pieces that might make good wedding décor, when I realized that many of the samples in the ads would look amazing at a Christmas wedding!

But would you even want a holiday wedding? There are a lot of downsides. Many guests might not be willing to travel or take time off so close to Christmas and New Years. There’s also the danger that they might not be able to make it if there is inclement weather to worry about! You’d also have to be ok with you anniversary sharing the spotlight with Christmas each year.


Perfect for a Christmas wedding!


But if none of those are a concern for you, I think a Christmas wedding would be fantastic! You could deck out your ceremony and reception in fragrant greenery and twinkle lights. Christmas ornaments would make easy and affordable favors. You could even display them on a Christmas tree!

I also love the dresses you have available to you for a winter wedding. Long sleeves or long white gloves make a sophisticated statement. I’d love to see the Justin Alexander 8467 pictured here at a Christmas wedding.

What do you think? Has anyone else been to or is planning a holiday wedding?

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