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Spring Has Sprung – Fresh Trends for Spring Weddings

Mar 19, 2010

520We love spring – things are starting to warm up and dry out nicely all over South Carolina, and that means it’s time for spring weddings to start. Dresses are lighter, fresher, and much more fun in the spring.  Bridesmaid dresses all pop with vibrant colors, and your flower choices are almost never-ending. All of our spring weddings are full of color, life and vitality. If you’re still searching for a spring dress for your 2011 wedding or beyond, here are some of our favorite spring bridesmaid dress trends:

One Shoulder – This dramatic look catches attention wherever it goes. If you want something different and fresh at your wedding, consider having your bridesmaids wear a one shoulder dress. It offers a little more support than strapless and will look glamorous.

Tea Length – With the increasing popularity in short dress brides, it’s no surprise that short dress bridesmaids are also in vogue. Tea length dresses are comfortable and cool in warmer weather, and they have a classic, yet less formal feel to them.

Criss Cross Necklines – This visually appealing dress style isn’t right for everyone, but if your girls can pull it off it can really look spectacular. We love these bridesmaid dresses at destination weddings and on the beach – really any wedding with a laid back vibe.

What other trends are you seeing and loving at spring weddings?

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