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Choosing A Second Wedding Dress

Jun 28, 2010

second wedding dresses at DimitraDesigns.comWe like to be optimistic here at, so we like to see all weddings lead to happy marriages.  But if you happen to be going into marriage for the second time, there’s no reason to hold yourself back.  In fact, choosing a second wedding dress can be just as much fun (or more!) than choosing the first.

-Tradition held it that you really shouldn’t wear white if it’s your second wedding.  But that’s sort of fallen by the wayside.  You can go ahead and wear white if you want to!  We’ve got a great selection of white second wedding dresses to choose from.
-If you don’t feel comfortable in white, though, you can go ahead and choose something in your favorite color.  You might find something in our collection of mother of the bride dresses or bridesmaid dresses.
-If the dress from your first wedding is still in good shape, you might be able to trade it in as credit on a new one.  (Because you don’t want to wear the same dress twice— no matter how nice it looks!)
-There’s also nothing saying that you can’t have a fairytale wedding the second time around.  Go ahead and glam it up in a couture wedding gown!

Short Bridal Dresses and the Big Shoe Question

Jun 16, 2010 has a great selection of short bridal dresses, but there are a few things you need to think about before you decide to go that route.  First of all, is a shorter dress appropriate for your wedding venue?  If you’re getting married in a more religious ceremony, then it might not be appropriate to show too much leg.  Secondly, what is the weather going to be?  If you’re getting married in the middle of winter, you might want to go with something longer— just to keep you warm!  The third (and arguably most important) thing is… short bridal dresses and shoesTHE SHOES.

What color shoes do you wear with a short bridal dress?  Frankly, the jury’s still out on that one.  It all depends on how far you want to push the envelope, really.  Some people out there have the opinion that you should probably stick with white or silver shoes.  The argument for that, of course, is that you want people to look at your dress— not your shoes.  And if the shoes are too loud, the dress might get overshadowed.
But the flip side of the coin makes a pretty good argument for those colorful shoes.  Pick something that matches your bridal party.  Are you going with red?  Wear red shoes, have a red rose bouquet, and accent the dress with some ruby jewelry.  It’ll tie the whole thing together.

It’s all up to you.  How funky do you want to be?

You’ll Love “All this is Grace and Charm”

Jun 10, 2010

We like keeping ourselves up to date on different ideas for wedding designs.  While we were hopping around the internet, we came across Carly’s blog.  Carly is (very!) recently engaged to her fiance Chris, and she’s an amazing designer to boot!  She lets us into her life (and her workspace) on her blog, All this is Grace and Charm.grace and charm

We’re looking forward to keeping up with her blog as she plans her wedding.  She’s already got some awesome color boards that are truly an inspiration to anyone!  We’re excited to see what amazing ideas she comes up with for her venue.  And we’re even more excited to see what kind of dress she picks out!  Carly is beautiful on the inside and out, and we’re simply in love with her funky aesthetic.

Please go over and check out her awesome blog!  Whether you’re planning your own wedding or not, you’re sure to get some creative inspiration from Carly’s creations.

Getting the Garter Toss Right

Jun 10, 2010

wedding garterIf you choose to carry on the garter tossing tradition at your wedding reception, you need to remember a few things.  After all, you want this to be part of your reception that people remember— not something that you and your husband will be embarrassed about for years to come.

Why do it, anyway?
The tradition dates back to 14th Century France.  Brides of the day used to toss easily removable parts of their clothing to guests as a gesture of good luck.  The garter was usually one of the things she tossed.  It evolved into the groom tossing the garter at the unwed male guests.

Traditional or unusual

The bride usually sits in a chair in the middle of the dance floor.  And the groom removes the garter from her leg.  Now, brides, you have to keep a few things in mind.  Try to put the garter just above your knee so your husband isn’t showing your “goods” to the whole world.  And, we’ve touched on this in this blog before, you need to wear some reasonable undergarments.  You just never know what could happen with the garter toss.
-Choose a fun song.  How about the “Mission Impossible” theme?
-Try doing a “married” toss instead.  If you have more married male guests, you can invite all of them to catch the garter.  The winner here would then present the garter to his own wife (in private!).
-You can get silly and have the bride sit on the best man’s lap while the husband looks for the garter.

Work Up to your Wedding Heels

Jun 1, 2010

wedding shoesEvery bride wants to feel as feminine as possible on her wedding day, and the shoes play a big part in that.  If you’re not the kind of girl that wears high heels on a regular basis, you need to work your way up to those fabulous wedding shoes! Here at, we want you to look and feel your best.  It’s not as difficult as it seems— it’ll just take a little bit of practice.

-Start small and work your way up.  You have to learn how to crawl before you learn how to run, right?  Begin with a shoe that has a broad, low heel.  Something in the 2”-3” range is a good idea.
-Once you get good at that, upgrade to a low kitten heel.  These will get you used to walking on a heel that’s a little narrower.  They’re still very low, so you don’t have to worry too much about balance.
-Then you can go on to try some wedge heels.  The wedge adds a little bit of extra balance and comfort while you get used to the height of the heel.
-Finally, go ahead and try some stiletto heels.  You don’t really need to go any higher than 3”4”. That’s the perfect height.

When you walk down the aisle, you want to make sure you do it with ease!  Gradually working your way up to a higher heel should make that transition fairly simple for you.