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On Top of Things: Headpieces and Tiaras

Jul 29, 2010

You want to look perfect on your wedding day.  (That goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway.)  The crowning glory of your wedding look has to be your headpiece or tiara.  (Pardon the pun.)  Take your time when you’re picking headpieces and tiaras dimitra designsout this important accessory.  It’s going to be something that you’ll remember forever.

Before you go shopping, do your hair in the style that you will be using for the wedding.  It doesn’t make sense to try in headpieces and tiaras when your hair is down if you’ll be wearing it up on your big day.  This will also help you determine whether a tiara, headband, or other headpiece will be the way to go.  Arrange everything the way you want it to look on your wedding day.  If you want the veil over your face, figure out how that looks with the headband or tiara.  Take a look at how it falls, too.  You want to make sure you look right from every angle.

Have a friend take pictures of your hair, the veil, headband, tiara, etc. once you get it exactly the way you want it.  Take pictures from every angle possible— front, back, side, close up, and far away.  These will serve as a reference when you try to recreate the look on the big day.

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