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10 Tips for Managing a Destination Weddings

Sep 24, 2010

Destination Wedding Dress

Destination Wedding Dress

Destination weddings can be an exciting option for any couple, but before you start booking your plane tickets, be sure to take into consideration these 10 tips for managing a beautiful destination wedding. Remember – planning this type of nuptial is going to be so different from your traditional affair!

1.) Firstly, make sure that you can choose a destination that’s both beautiful and safe for everyone to travel to. Take into consideration costs and the abilities of your guests to join you on your special day and go from there.

2.) Get to know the laws, rules, and regulations regarding marriages at the destination, especially if it’s in another country. Make sure that you can meet those requirements so that your wedding goes off without a hitch!

3.) Really micromanage the guest list since you’ll probably be helping with finding guests accomodations, not to mention, footing some travel and hotel expenses. Keep things small and intimate to limit cost and other issues associated with traveling to a destination wedding.

4.) Make sure you visit the destination before your book your wedding plans so you can be sure that it’s the right place. Always take a test drive!

5.) Get help from a wedding planner who knows local vendors in the area in which you’re planning to get married. It may be well worth the investment, especially if there’s a language barrier or time difference.

6.) Consider climate when shopping for a wedding dress and advise your bridal party to do the same. Dress for the weather and be accommodating. Remember – it’s all about being both comfortable and beautiful! Dimitra Designs offers some gorgeous destination wedding dresses that are perfect for a beach-side wedding.

7.) Let your bridal party know before you ask them to participate that your wedding will be a destination wedding. This way, your bridal party can say yes or no depending on their availability and ability to travel. Not everyone can drop everything to go to a different country for a week.

8.) Be very gracious to local vendors and send hand-written thank you notes when you book their services. The vendors can make or break your wedding day. Keep lots of small bills on hand to tip.

9.) Do vendor checkups throughout the wedding process and work with your wedding planner to be sure that everything is going according to plan.

10.) Have guests or loved ones send wedding gifts after you’ve come home from your honeymoon. You won’t want to deal with having presents to ship home or cart back in your luggage!

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