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Find Greenville Wedding Planning Resources at Dimitra Designs!

Oct 31, 2010

cake topper bride groom marriage weddingIf you’re planning on having a South Carolina wedding right here in Greenville, don’t worry about finding the perfect vendors. Let Dimitra Designs handle every aspect of your wedding, from the dress to the photography, so that your day is just as you dreamed. No matter what your sense of style of your budget, Dimitra Designs is ready to work with you to give you the wedding day of your dreams.

So how do we do it? First,  we match with you the perfect attire, makeup, and hair designs at our Greenville, SC location. Then, we help you find the perfect caterer, hotel, reception venue, and even invitations through our preferred vendor network. Comprised of local businesses who can provide you with exceptional service, our preferred wedding vendors list is just the place to start looking when you need to plan  your Greenville, South Carolina wedding.

So don’t stress out if you don’t live nearby. We’ll help you coordinate your special day with vendors and services that’ll make you feel right at home. Oh, and if you do live in Greenville, stop by our shop to learn more about all of our wedding planning services and associated vendors. Remember – Dimitra Designs wants to make your day absolutely perfect…just as it should be.

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Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

Oct 25, 2010

cream rose bouquet with wedding ringsOnce you have the dress all picked out, there’s only one thing left to consider: who will make you look your best while you’re wearing it?
Splurging on a great wedding photographer is a great idea, especially since these images will follow you for a lifetime. You want to make sure that everything looks picture perfect and with a good photographer, it most definitely can.

When shopping for the right wedding photographer, first consider your budget. How much can you spend on great images? With a clear price range, you’ll be able to better narrow down your options and choose someone who can work with you (and your budget).  Once you have a list of photographers in your budget, start doing research. Look into the photographer’s experience level and portfolio. Take note of the other weddings he or she shoots. Does he or she have a particular style that you like? Are the images in focus? Are they high quality? Do they add character? Really get to know the images and then schedule a meeting.

When meeting with the photographer, it’s important to consider personality. You want to make sure that he or she looks professional but can relate well with you and your guests on the special day. Prepare a list of questions beforehand so that you cover all of your bases. Ask about things like pricing, delivery, service offerings, contracts, deposits, and references. Trust us – it’ll be better for both you and your photographer if you come prepared.

After the interview process, it’s time to comparison shop. Look at the details given to you by each photographer and choose the one that best fits your needs. It’s that simple! Just be sure to follow up throughout the planning process so that you both have a clear idea of what you expect out of your wedding images. Communication is key!

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10 Ways to Punch Up the Traditional White Dress

Oct 20, 2010

Jasmine Couture Wedding Gown

Jasmine Couture Wedding Gown

Every bride dreams of her wedding day, but what if you don’t want to be a vision in just plain white? What if you love a bit of blue, green, or crimson? What if you want your wedding gown to be totally unique and different? Not to worry – there are plenty of ways for you to make your wedding dress your own without being restricted to snowy white or ivory.

Here are some tips from Dimitra Designs on how to punch up the traditional white wedding dress with something special:

1.) Add a colorful sash. Depending on your sense of style,  sashes can be a fun way for you to add some personality to your wedding gown. Don’t be afraid to play with texture, patterns, and bold colors!

2.) Make your wedding gown sparkle with antique brooches. Create a unique design by having them cascade down from one shoulder or create a one-of-a-kind neckline. It’s up to you!

3.) Have your dress dyed. Wedding gowns in light grey, moss, robin’s egg blue, and pink are becoming increasingly popular amongst the most stylish brides. If there’s a color that you love – go for it!

4.) Choose a dress that’s embroidered with colorful designs, or take your dress to a dressmaker to get it customized with some colorful detailing. Beading and embellishments can always make a gown feel even more special!

5.) Fabric flowers can be another way for you to add some color to your plain white gown. Pin them onto the bodice, waist, shoulder, or at the top of a gather. It can be so elegant yet unexpected!

6.) Accessorize with color! Bold, punchy shoes and jewelry can instantly brighten up any wedding ensemble. Think beyond pearls and rhinestones!

7.) Take a full-length gown and have it tailored to a pretty tea length. It’s unexpected and super cute!

8.) Don’t wear a wedding gown at all! When it’s your special day, you should feel your absolute best. If you feel gorgeous in a little black dress, purple evening gown, or yellow shift, then by all means, wear it! No one will expect you to walk down the aisle in something other than white, but trust us – it’ll be a pleasant and unforgettable surprise!

9.) Wear a belt. A skinny belt in a bold color or a metallic belt with lots of embellishments can be perfect for accessorizing your wedding gown.

10.) Have your wedding dress painted. Some artists love working on silks and other more challenging fabrics, so turn your wedding gown into a work of art! Find a skilled fabric artist and collaborate to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

Do you know of any other tips and tricks for punching up a traditional white wedding dress? Share them with us in the comments!

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Accent Your Wedding Gown for Autumn

Oct 10, 2010

Alyce Wedding GownWeddings in the fall are just so breathtakingly beautiful, but when it comes to accessorizing your wedding gown for the occasion, it can be a little bit of a challenge. Don’t worry – Dimitra Designs has some tips to help you make the most of your wedding dress for autumn.

Here are ways that you can incorporate the season into your wedding dress:

  • Wear a silk sash in rich chocolate, eggplant, rust, gold, burgundy, scarlet, or royal blue. It’ll be perfect for complimenting your wedding color scheme. Plus, sashes work with any wedding gown fabric.
  • Want something tougher? Try adding on an orange or red leather skinny belt to a light as a feather chiffon dress.
  • Pin on an antique brooch in brass, bronze, or gold. Try to incorporate a peachy or chocolaty cameo if you can.
  • Wear shoes and accessories in autumn colors!
  • Incorporate jewelry or headpieces that feature leaves, berries, or other organic details.
  • Have your wedding dress embroidered with a fall design.

Now these are just a few of the ways that you can customize your wedding gown for the season. Do you have other ideas? Share them with us!

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