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A Bridesmaid’s Best Friend: A Little Black Dress

Nov 30, 2010

Little Black Bridesmaid Dress

Little Black Bridesmaid Dress

There’s nothing more classic or flattering than a little black dress. When shopping for the perfect dress or gown for your bridesmaids, keep this in mind. Remember – choosing a dress they will love will be so much better than choosing a dress that they can only wear once. If you’re planning a classic black tie wedding or even just a casual affair, consider letting your bridesmaids wear a little black bridesmaid dress. We know that they’ll be grateful!

Able to be worn again and again for other occasions besides your special day, little black bridesmaid dresses are a versatile choice that will make your bridesmaids look and feel their best. Available in tons of flattering styles at, our little black bridesmaid dresses are something to see. Check out some of our favorites to see if they’re right for your bridal party (we know they’ll instantly fall in love with the elegant but sassy look!):

Black Bridesmaid Dress by Jordan: This breezy and light black bridesmaid dress by Jordan comes made in elegant chiffon and is perfect for weddings that have a bit of whimsy or ballerina style to them. Flattering ruching at the bust adds definition and an a-line cut ensures a perfect fit.

Black Bridesmaid Dress by DaVinci: Looking to dress your bridesmaids in something with drama? Then channel Marie Antoinette with this gorgeous strapless bridesmaid dress from DaVinci. Featuring iridescent taffeta fabric and a knee length hemline, this dress offers lots of pretty gathers and a flattering shape that’s perfect for a variety of body types. Definitely a statement-maker!

Black Bridesmaid Dress by Enzoani: This gorgeous strapless black dress by Enzoani is ideal for any bridesmaid, no matter what the season. Made from a shimmering taffeta with ruffles and pleats on the bust, this bridesmaid dress is sure to turn heads. A flattering a-line skirt pulls the look all together.

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Are You a Bridesmaid?

Nov 25, 2010

Be a better bridesmaid with some of our tips!

Be a better bridesmaid with some of our tips!

If so, there are plenty of ways that you can help your bride-to-be. Trust us – there’s so much more than just wearing the bridesmaid dress! If wedding planning is on your mind and you want to get in on the action (while taking some of the stress off of the bride) why not try some of these easy, but helpful tips?

1.) When the invitations come in, offer to order a pizza, pop in a movie, and stuff envelopes. Invite the other bridesmaids and spend the evening with some wine and envelopes. It really is a huge help!

2.) Help ease the bride’s jitters by giving her a bit of time to rest and relax. Get her tickets to a play or a concert that she’d love to see and make some time just to chill and talk. The chance to vent and destress will be very welcome during some of the most difficult planning tasks.

3.) Be the end-of-the-night helper. Be sure that you collect the toasting flutes, cake topper, and any disposable cameras from the reception. This will keep the happy couple from worrying when it comes time to leave for the honeymoon!

Now these are just a few easy ways to do the best job as a bridesmaid. What other suggestions do you have? How did you help your bride-to-be when you were in the bridal party?

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A Common Wedding Mishap: Planning Too Far Ahead

Nov 15, 2010

weddingYou’re engaged! Congratulations – now what?
Well, for starters, it’s important to take your time before jumping into full on wedding planning. That’s right – for now, forget the flowers and the bridesmaid dresses. In many cases, couples start to plan too far ahead without first considering the core elements of the wedding day: the mood, the guest list, and the season.

The Mood

Would you like to have an intimate affair in a backyard? An elegant gala for 200? A fairytale wedding for 100? Deciding on the mood and feel of the wedding day is one of the first steps to planning this wonderful event. Sit down with your fiance and discuss the details. Think about what mood you would both feel most comfortable going with. From there, you can start thinking about the guest list.

The Guest List

This will be one of the most important elements of your overall wedding plan. Your guest list will help determine the setting, the budget, and even some of the vendors. Make a concrete list and run it past EVERYONE who has a hand in planning. The last thing you want is to make a list of 100 and have it bumped up to 200 because a great-aunt decided to invite a few friends. Make sure that you have a concrete idea of who you want to invite and then move on to selecting a venue and vendors. Trust us – it’ll make things so much easier!

The Season

It helps a great deal to narrow down a month or even just a season where you feel your wedding might best be held. This allows for you to send out the appropriate invitations, vendors, and ensembles for the wedding, as well as a bit of your wedding theme. Before selecting the invitations, decide on the date and work from there.

What did you start with first when planning your special day?

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Pamper Yourself Before the Big Day

Nov 5, 2010

close-ups beauty woman face

Getting married, while awesome, can be a really stressful experience. It’s important to take a deep breath, destress, and get yourself feeling great instead of feeling anxious. If you’re gearing up for the big day and find yourself feeling crazy and pulled in a million different directions, it’s time to take a breather. Let Dimitra Designs help with these tips for pampering yourself before the big day. Trust us – you deserve it!

1.) Get a massage. Your muscles are tensing up as you think about all that needs to be done. Get them feeling soothed again with a massage at a local spa.

2.) Spend “me” time with friends. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than having a good ol’ fashioned girls’ night out. Meet with your besties and get ready to have some fun. Go out to dinner, dancing, to a movie…whatever sounds like a great time!

3.) Spend “me” time alone. Clear your head and really give yourself time to relax. Take a bubble bath. Read a book. Do whatever makes you feel happy and relaxed.

4.) Take yoga or meditation classes. These can help you focus, destress, and learn proper deep breathing so that you can handle the stress of your wedding day with ease.

5.) Get more sleep. Lack of sleep not only makes your eyes puffy, but it also causes you to feel fatigued. Plus, it can lower your immunity. Fight off infection and stress by getting some extra ZZZs.

6.) Delegate tasks. This is what your bridal party is for! Have them help you with little nagging tasks that have you feeling all stressed out. Remember, it’s OK to ask for help!

7.) Turn off the distractions. That’s right. Turn off the computer, cell phone, and TV. Take some quiet time to recharge.

8.) Take yourself out for a nice meal. Have a glass of wine. Savor the tastes of your food. Really enjoy the experience.

9.) Make aromatherapy a daily ritual with scented candles, lotions, or oils. You won’t believe how great this works to soothe away the stress!

10.) Get a mani pedi. C’mon. You know you want to.

What other ways do you destress when things get tough? How did you stay calm before your big day?

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