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Are You a Bridesmaid?

Nov 25, 2010

Be a better bridesmaid with some of our tips!

Be a better bridesmaid with some of our tips!

If so, there are plenty of ways that you can help your bride-to-be. Trust us – there’s so much more than just wearing the bridesmaid dress! If wedding planning is on your mind and you want to get in on the action (while taking some of the stress off of the bride) why not try some of these easy, but helpful tips?

1.) When the invitations come in, offer to order a pizza, pop in a movie, and stuff envelopes. Invite the other bridesmaids and spend the evening with some wine and envelopes. It really is a huge help!

2.) Help ease the bride’s jitters by giving her a bit of time to rest and relax. Get her tickets to a play or a concert that she’d love to see and make some time just to chill and talk. The chance to vent and destress will be very welcome during some of the most difficult planning tasks.

3.) Be the end-of-the-night helper. Be sure that you collect the toasting flutes, cake topper, and any disposable cameras from the reception. This will keep the happy couple from worrying when it comes time to leave for the honeymoon!

Now these are just a few easy ways to do the best job as a bridesmaid. What other suggestions do you have? How did you help your bride-to-be when you were in the bridal party?

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