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Attending a Wedding? Try These Tips for Saving!

Dec 20, 2010

cocktail dressIf you’ve been invited to a wedding (or several!) this coming spring or summer, it’s important to remember that you have to reign in those expenses, especially if you were planning on taking a vacation! Here are some ways that you can save on being a bridesmaid or guest at a wedding this spring and summer:

    1. Choose a cocktail dress or bridesmaid dress that can be worn over and over again. Classic little black dresses are always a favorite, but you can also go for a simple eyelet or pretty cotton dress that can be worn throughout the summer months. Look for something that can be dressed up or down with the right shoes and accessories.
    2. Don’t go crazy with accommodations. Stay with a friend or family member if you can. If you can’t, go for a cheap but clean hotel room. Remember – you’ll only be there for a night or two.
    3. Don’t charge all of your wedding-related expenses on a credit card. It’ll rack up some unnecessary debt that can get you in trouble later.
    4. Don’t be afraid to stay no. If your friend has invited you to a destination wedding where you’ll need to pay for food, hotels, airfare, and something to wear, it’s OK to say that you can’t afford it. Send her a nice gift once she gets back instead.

      What are some of your tips for saving on attending a wedding? We’d love to hear them!

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