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Fancy Free Brides are Fascinated with Fascinators!

Feb 15, 2011

Wedding Fascinator

Wedding Fascinator

Modern, creative brides with their heart set on an untraditional dress may already have their eye on a fascinator!  For those brides unfamiliar, the fascinator is a growing headpiece trend seen in bridal outfits.

These dapper little headpieces are traditionally lacy head coverings made from lace or wool. Now you can find fascinators made with a variety of more modern materials, with beading, feathers or even flowers. Not a fan of pinning? These fancy headpieces are affixed in a variety of neat ways, with combs, clips or simple headband.

For a bride looking at retro or vintage styles, a fascinator may be the thing! We’ve seen a lot of modern takes on the traditional style, with bridal hat and veil headpieces, vintage hats, hats with flowers, etc.

We think we’ll be seeing a lot more of the younger fans of the unique styles opting out of traditional veils. There are always a variety of other options like tiaras and bridal headpieces here at

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