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Something Old, Something New, or Both?

Mar 31, 2011

Old, new, borrowed, and blue!

Old, new, borrowed, and blue!

Some brides looking for their ‘something old’ will start to eye up their mother’s dress. It’s a fact, vintage is in, but is the final result worth the alterations?

Plus sides: Vintage is fashionable in a very big way, and other trends like up-cycling or repurposing.  It saves money and is a heartwarming way to include the mother or even grandmother of the bride.

Down sides: Alterations are a large cost. They can run enormously high for major alterations that vintage dresses need to fit a more modern style. In the end, you risk not liking the look of the dress with the alterations after all.

If you’re feeling passionate about using your mother or mother in-law’s wedding dress for your wedding, all the more power to you! If making your own dress sounds like more of a hassle then its worth, there are still other vintage options and other keepsakes to be your ‘something old.’ Many gorgeous wedding dresses are designed with a vintage inspiration, like the ones you’ll find here at

What’s a Dream Destination Wedding Worth?

Mar 21, 2011

What would you do for the perfect wedding? We recently heard about VH1’s new reality show premiere Wedding Wars, where couples are competing for prizes like their dream wedding gown and tux all while living in the jungle!

While this isn’t the first wedding themed reality show, (Anyone ever heard of Bridalplasty, Bridezillas, and Shedding for the Wedding?) this one caught our eye with the big final prize: a $100,000 destination wedding of the winner’s choice and $25,000 to start off their new home.

This had us thinking of all the beautiful destination wedding dresses that have come out in for the 2011 season from designers Alred Angelo and Landa. We imagine the winner of the Wedding Wars would look triumphant and radiant in this Landa hand beaded embroidered lace dress.

If you were in the running for this reality show, what destination wedding dress would you have your eye on? And what dream wedding location would you be packing your bags for?

Do it Yourself Steps for Wedding Savings

Mar 20, 2011

Go big for less!

Go big for less!

Have you ever heard of a DIY bride? DIY or do-it-yourself brides take on some of the more expensive wedding tasks to do themselves — or with their bridal parties!  There are a lot of ways to save as a DIY bride:

  • Take cake decorating classes. Not only is it a fun skill to learn, but by decorating your own cake you’ll have complete control of how your delicious cake come out.
  • Make your own floral arrangements! This can be a fun activity for bridal showers or just the entire bridal party to help out with. Get together for an afternoon of creating bouquets and arrangements with either fresh or artificial flowers.
  • Check out the great wedding deals here at Dimitra Designs! We offer huge discounts for brides with a tight budget on wedding dresses and tuxedo rentals. We also have discounted designer styles on our clearance rack.

Doing it yourself is a great way to tighten the budget, get the entire wedding party involved, and to have control as a bride over even the most tiny of details!

Choosing a Flower Girl

Mar 7, 2011

THIS could be your flower girl!

THIS could be your flower girl!

You’ve got the cake, bridesmaids, venue, reception hall, musicians, and groom (of course!).  But you’re stuck.  You might find it difficult to choose a flower girl for your wedding.  You don’t know anyone that’s in the right age range for the job—and if you do, they’re not “close” enough to you to really be part of the wedding party.  What do you do?  Keep in mind, it’s your wedding, so you can choose anyone that you feel comfortable with.  Don’t worry about being non-traditional.  Even a pet can serve as a flower girl! (Finally!  You knew you named that Golden Retriever Daisy for a reason.)

Flower Girl Considerations

  • First decide whether you want a traditional wedding with a little girl as the flower girl.  There are other options—go with an adult flower girl, a pet with an adorable bow, or even no flower girl at all.
  • Think about the expenses.  Maybe a ribbon and basket for a pet is more in your price range than a dress for a flower girl.  If you choose to go with a regular human flower girl, we have many adorable flower girl dresses here at Dimitra Designs.
  • The traditional age of a flower girl is between two and five years old… but they can be a bit unpredictable.

Whatever you choose (we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again), make sure you’re happy with the decision.  It’s your big day!