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Accessories for a Summer Wedding Dress

Apr 8, 2011

Love lace? Make sure your accessories match!

Love lace? Make sure your accessories match!

So many brides come in with accessorizing questions. Recently, a bride came in who asked, “What type of gloves and jackets are appropriate for a summer wedding dress?”

What a great question!  If you plan on having a formal wedding, a long sleeve or glove always looks gorgeous, but only for an indoor, air conditioned summer wedding where the temperature can be controlled.

For an outdoor wedding, try to think of your comfort before looks in the humid or hot weather. Remember that part of looking great on your wedding day is to feel great! You might want to go without the sleeves or the gloves completely. Or look for a fingerless or sheer glove that gives room to breathe.

For any type of accessory, whether sleeves, jacket, shoes or a headpiece, use your dress as a guide. If your dress has lace, look for lace gloves, if it has a particular beading you enjoy, find a headpiece with that beading. It’s the small things that complete the outfit and make your day perfect!

What accessories do you plan on wearing with your wedding dress?

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