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New Wedding Trends: The “First Glance” Photo

May 10, 2011

"Honey! You look wonderful!"

"Honey! You look wonderful!"

When will you first lock eyes with your significant other? Many brides love the traditional custom and will refuse to see the groom to be until right before the ceremony. She’ll even stay at a separate place the night before!

A new trend many brides are trying out is the ‘first glance’ photo. Rather than waiting until the walk down the aisle to see each other, a bride and groom will meet in a room right before the ceremony. The wedding photographer will be waiting, ready to catch the perfect photo of this first moment.

Brides are finding this is even better than the traditional walk down the aisle. There’s more time to enjoy the moment and it’s much more private and personal. There’s also more time for breathtaking photos of the happy couple.

When do you plan to lay eyes on your betrothed on the day of your wedding? Planning the day carefully or don’t care at all?

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