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Archive for June, 2011

“Bridesmaids” Inspired Bridal Party

Jun 30, 2011

Sweet just like a cupcake

Baking isn’t just hot, it’s on fire. The recent box office hit, “Bridesmaids” centered on Annie, bridesmaid and owner of a failed bakery. While the foodie bride may find it absolutely perfect to get a big cupcake style tulle wedding dress, we thought we could take it a step further for the bridal shower!


In honor of Annie and bridesmaids everywhere we’re sharing our favorite baking themed bridal party ideas:


-Arrive to the bridal shower in a big cake!


-Send out recipe card invitations, complete with your favorite recipe to share!


-Have a ‘make your own’ meal bar complete with fixin’s for fancy sandwiches and margaritas. Provide a ‘make your own cupcake’ spread for desert with colorful icing and toppings to choose from!


-Ask all the guests to bring their favorite “romantic dinner” recipe. Everyone then has to share a story of a time they made the dish!


-Make name tags for all the guests with the generic 1950’s wife pictured! Not all guests will know each other, so it’s a good way to ease into socializing!


-Send everyone home with wedding dress shaped cookies as favors.


What kind of bridal shower are you planning? Will it be baking inspired – or just your tulle wedding dress?

How to Choose the Perfect Summer Wedding Date!

Jun 27, 2011

Save the date... pick a date!

Once engaged, lucky bride-to-be’s have so much more to look forward to! Announcing the engagement, parties and preparations that can take years! Many brides come in picking the perfect summer wedding dress even before the perfect date.


If the only thing you can agree on is to have a summer wedding, there’s a few ways to pick the perfect summer date!


-Check the Farmer’s Almanac for the perfect celestial combination, a day with a brilliant sunset and full moon will make your wedding day and reception even more perfect.


-Get in touch with the seasons, and choose the Summer Solstice so you can celebrate both on your anniversary on every year.


-Promise to always forgive and continue loving each other by having your wedding on Global Forgiveness Day, August 27th, or International Forgiveness Day, the first Sunday in August.


You can choose a date already special or make the day special with your wedding. When is your summer wedding set for?

Matching the Flowers to the Dress: A Fashion Do or Don’t?

Jun 20, 2011

Choose your favorite flowers

No bride wants to commit the ultimate “fashion don’t” on her wedding day. There’s a tradition for nearly everything in a wedding – but not many let you know how to match your flowers. Is it the dress, the arrangements, or the color of your eyes?!


Fashion Do – Try one of our favorite bridal bouquet ideas:

Personality – If you’re a traditionalist, try simple roses. You can also make the bouquet your ‘something blue!’ For a bold bride, a vibrant blue bouquet will stand out against a traditional wedding dress. For a subtler look, mix blue and white flowers in your bouquet and have the bridesmaids all hold alternating bouquets of individual colors to match!


Dress color – For a colored dress, choose either matching colors or complimentary colors for your bouquet. For a white traditional wedding dress, you can’t go wrong with white roses.


Wedding theme – A traditional bouquet of roses, lilies or orchids look lovely for a formal church wedding. Untraditional summer wedding themes let you get a little loose with your floral arrangements. Try an all baby’s breath arrangement, or a mix of wildflowers and colors for your outdoor wedding!


There’s really no such thing as a wrong choice for your wedding bouquet. An arrangement of your signature flowers can be the perfect choice! Just remember you’ll be tossing that bouquet at the end of the night!

Rosy Red Wedding Inspirations

Jun 13, 2011

Roses are love. Roses are forever. Roses are many splendid things, which makes them the most perfect of all flowers for a wedding. There are plenty of traditional wedding ideas, such as carrying a full bouquet of roses, using rose boutonnieres or decorating with rose arrangements for the ceremony and reception.  In honor of June being National Rose Month, we thought we’d come up with some untraditional ways to incorporate roses into your wedding.


Here are a few unique rose inspirations to try for your wedding day:

  • Wear a rose red sash and ask your brides to all dress in a rose red bridesmaid dress to match!
  • Place a rose in your hair or use a rose pin to fix your veil to your head.
  • Give out glasses as wedding favors, and fill them with either real or fake rose petals.
  • Make a point to give a rose to the older generations who attended to give thanks for being at your special day.


What other flowers do you enjoy? Are you planning any untraditional wedding flower arrangements?