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“Bridesmaids” Inspired Bridal Party

Jun 30, 2011

Sweet just like a cupcake

Baking isn’t just hot, it’s on fire. The recent box office hit, “Bridesmaids” centered on Annie, bridesmaid and owner of a failed bakery. While the foodie bride may find it absolutely perfect to get a big cupcake style tulle wedding dress, we thought we could take it a step further for the bridal shower!


In honor of Annie and bridesmaids everywhere we’re sharing our favorite baking themed bridal party ideas:


-Arrive to the bridal shower in a big cake!


-Send out recipe card invitations, complete with your favorite recipe to share!


-Have a ‘make your own’ meal bar complete with fixin’s for fancy sandwiches and margaritas. Provide a ‘make your own cupcake’ spread for desert with colorful icing and toppings to choose from!


-Ask all the guests to bring their favorite “romantic dinner” recipe. Everyone then has to share a story of a time they made the dish!


-Make name tags for all the guests with the generic 1950’s wife pictured! Not all guests will know each other, so it’s a good way to ease into socializing!


-Send everyone home with wedding dress shaped cookies as favors.


What kind of bridal shower are you planning? Will it be baking inspired – or just your tulle wedding dress?

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