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Rosy Red Wedding Inspirations

Jun 13, 2011

Roses are love. Roses are forever. Roses are many splendid things, which makes them the most perfect of all flowers for a wedding. There are plenty of traditional wedding ideas, such as carrying a full bouquet of roses, using rose boutonnieres or decorating with rose arrangements for the ceremony and reception.  In honor of June being National Rose Month, we thought we’d come up with some untraditional ways to incorporate roses into your wedding.


Here are a few unique rose inspirations to try for your wedding day:

  • Wear a rose red sash and ask your brides to all dress in a rose red bridesmaid dress to match!
  • Place a rose in your hair or use a rose pin to fix your veil to your head.
  • Give out glasses as wedding favors, and fill them with either real or fake rose petals.
  • Make a point to give a rose to the older generations who attended to give thanks for being at your special day.


What other flowers do you enjoy? Are you planning any untraditional wedding flower arrangements?

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