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Mother’s of the Bride, Sing a Little Song to Me

Jul 8, 2011

mother of the bride dress

Mom loves the spotlight too!

Mom is more than just another part of the ceremony, she’s also your role model, best friend and guiding light. What better way to include the Mother of the Bride in your wedding ceremony than by giving her a little spotlight? If your mom is the musical type, offer her more than a gorgeous mother of the bride dress. Give her a microphone and a little spotlight to share on your special day.

Something for Dad, Something for Mom. While Dad gets his Father/Daughter, ask Mom to sing a song at the reception.

A Duet of Love. A lot of couples were joined by a love of music, and the wedding is a perfect time to share that duel love in a romantic duet. We’re not talking about you and your groom, but Mom and Dad. Who better to send off a new couple in wedded bliss than the couple that has it all going right!

Mom and Me Song. Find a really sweet song to perform at the reception with your Mom, like “Every Mother’s Dream” by Teresa James or “Love Can Build a Bridge” by The Judds.

A song from Mom will make your wedding day even more special. Make your wedding even more memorable with music!

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