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Wedding Perfection with Fondant Designs

Jul 27, 2011

wedding cake detailsThere is nearly every type, style, build and flavor of cake to choose from for your wedding. While a classic tiered cake is still the choice for many different brides, regardless of style, you might want a particular image or shape. These big bride dreams can now become reality with fondant cake designs.
- Write it big!! Use fondant to create your initials in larger than life lettering on top of the cake.
- Picture perfect shapes can be created using the sturdy, thick fondant.
- Get the richest, most vibrant colors with fondant. Fondant colors and toppings are so much brighter than your regular icing tops.
- Create details on the cake to match your wedding dress and boutonnieres. Fondant makes getting the exact details so much easier.


Want a smooth finish for your cake? Try out fondant topping for your cake, so you have everything picture perfect! What plans do you have for your wedding cake?

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