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Share the Love With Your Guy on More than the Holidays

Aug 29, 2011

Weddings are a day of love, joy, and immense happiness. In the rush of planning, you can easily forget the other big half of the picture, your groom- to-be! Even if you missed the opportunity to share in Kiss and Make up Day on the 25th, this entire month is celebration of Romance Awareness – so it’s not too late to show how much the romance is still alive.

Some ways to keep romance strong throughout the entire wedding planning process:
- Just seeing each other all day while picking out items for the registry or flower arrangements isn’t the same as a night out. Surprise him by ending a long day with a reservation at your favorite restaurant!
- After the initial wedding dress search, invite your groom-to-be to be the final judge on both the wedding dress and the honeymoon outfits for a little pre-show!
- Be untraditional and get him a pre-wedding gift. Some couples will actually trade gifts the day of the wedding, but the biggest gift that day is really each other!

Between the wedding dress shopping, tuxedo fittings, and finding a reception hall, it’s easy to let the romance get pushed down in the shuffle. Make it obvious throughout the whole wedding planning process that the love is very much alive. How do you spend your “couple’s time” during the pre-wedding phase?

How to Cover Your Details on Your Wedding Day

Aug 19, 2011

You’re running around, putting on your wedding dress for the last time, and then finally ready to walk down the aisle, but where is the photographer? Imagine how far your jaw will drop when you realize the photographer was missing all because your groom to be told him the wrong date. Think it’s farfetched? Not at all! It isn’t just the photographer, but guests and other important people who can miss out by getting the wrong date. Brides, make sure this isn’t you on your wedding day by taking a few precautionary steps.

wedding details

•   Make sure that everyone signs a contract. It may seem silly, even if it’s someone you know personally and they aren’t charging. A contract will make sure everyone knows exactly when the ceremony is and what exactly is required of them.
•  Don’t let your groom handle things solo. Let’s face it ladies, he’s probably out of his element. Make sure that even when he’s handling things on his own – he’s got back up making sure he’s on top of his game.
•   Send out save the date reminders to the help as well. Sure, it may seem silly, but what’s a few more going to hurt? The formal invitation ensures no confusions – no mix ups!
•   Create a site online that everyone can easily check the date on. There are lots of free listing sites that are available to use!

There’s no such thing as being too prepared. It is your wedding day after all, and everything from your wedding dress to your wedding photos will be perfect!

Peridot for August Weddings

Aug 12, 2011

bridesmaid dressesSelecting bridesmaids dresses can be a stressful task. You want to be happy all while keeping your sisters, family, and best friends looking great!

If you are getting married in August, consider a Peridot colored sash or maybe Peridot gems in the bouquets. Adding the month’s birthstone is a creative and unique way to add some color to those beautiful bridesmaid dresses.

Some brides are getting away from matching all of the bridal party’s attire and accessories. Why not shake things up?

- Pick a dress that is suitable for the individual bridesmaid with your birthstone color of choice.
- Why stop at the dress? Give your girls the color and allow them to select their own jewelry to complement their dresses.
- Shoes? Shoes are a girl’s best friend. Allow for some mixing and matching.
- Don’t stop there! Their bouquets can also be made with different blooms in a coordinating theme.
- What about wedding hairstyles? Your bridal party will be more than pleased with you if you allow them to wear their hair in a style that makes them feel comfortable and beautiful.

Tips like these can have your bridesmaids feel like they really are a part of your wedding. Who wouldn’t want a happy bridal party?

Create Your Dream Wedding Video

Aug 5, 2011

Your wedding, your memories, the perfect video!Don’t leave anything to chance. When it comes to your wedding video, you should have everything just as perfect as your wedding photos. Before the wedding, sit down with your groom-to-be to decide what there must be shots of, and what doesn’t matter.

You have to decide if you want shots of:

-  Any pre-wedding day events, like the rehearsal dinner.
-  Wedding preparations like getting your hair done and putting on the wedding dress for the first time.
-  The whole ceremony – complete with the family and wedding party arriving – or just the beginning and end.
-  Speeches at the reception.
-  Your wedding dress from all angles – hey you worked so hard to fit in it, you’re a masterpiece as much as the cake!
-  All of the reception festivities; cake cutting, garter toss, bouquet toss, etc.
-  Any additional traditions that you might be special to you.

Once you have this list together, take it to your wedding videographer. Let them know if there’s anything you want to be shot close up in particular, like a shot of just the rings being placed on your hands.

When talking with your wedding videographer, decide how long of a finished video you want. If you plan to have your entire reception shot, do you want to rewatch the entire night? Or just a few minutes of a highlight reel?