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Create Your Dream Wedding Video

Aug 5, 2011

Your wedding, your memories, the perfect video!Don’t leave anything to chance. When it comes to your wedding video, you should have everything just as perfect as your wedding photos. Before the wedding, sit down with your groom-to-be to decide what there must be shots of, and what doesn’t matter.

You have to decide if you want shots of:

-  Any pre-wedding day events, like the rehearsal dinner.
-  Wedding preparations like getting your hair done and putting on the wedding dress for the first time.
-  The whole ceremony – complete with the family and wedding party arriving – or just the beginning and end.
-  Speeches at the reception.
-  Your wedding dress from all angles – hey you worked so hard to fit in it, you’re a masterpiece as much as the cake!
-  All of the reception festivities; cake cutting, garter toss, bouquet toss, etc.
-  Any additional traditions that you might be special to you.

Once you have this list together, take it to your wedding videographer. Let them know if there’s anything you want to be shot close up in particular, like a shot of just the rings being placed on your hands.

When talking with your wedding videographer, decide how long of a finished video you want. If you plan to have your entire reception shot, do you want to rewatch the entire night? Or just a few minutes of a highlight reel?

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