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How to Cover Your Details on Your Wedding Day

Aug 19, 2011

You’re running around, putting on your wedding dress for the last time, and then finally ready to walk down the aisle, but where is the photographer? Imagine how far your jaw will drop when you realize the photographer was missing all because your groom to be told him the wrong date. Think it’s farfetched? Not at all! It isn’t just the photographer, but guests and other important people who can miss out by getting the wrong date. Brides, make sure this isn’t you on your wedding day by taking a few precautionary steps.

wedding details

•   Make sure that everyone signs a contract. It may seem silly, even if it’s someone you know personally and they aren’t charging. A contract will make sure everyone knows exactly when the ceremony is and what exactly is required of them.
•  Don’t let your groom handle things solo. Let’s face it ladies, he’s probably out of his element. Make sure that even when he’s handling things on his own – he’s got back up making sure he’s on top of his game.
•   Send out save the date reminders to the help as well. Sure, it may seem silly, but what’s a few more going to hurt? The formal invitation ensures no confusions – no mix ups!
•   Create a site online that everyone can easily check the date on. There are lots of free listing sites that are available to use!

There’s no such thing as being too prepared. It is your wedding day after all, and everything from your wedding dress to your wedding photos will be perfect!

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