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Peridot for August Weddings

Aug 12, 2011

bridesmaid dressesSelecting bridesmaids dresses can be a stressful task. You want to be happy all while keeping your sisters, family, and best friends looking great!

If you are getting married in August, consider a Peridot colored sash or maybe Peridot gems in the bouquets. Adding the month’s birthstone is a creative and unique way to add some color to those beautiful bridesmaid dresses.

Some brides are getting away from matching all of the bridal party’s attire and accessories. Why not shake things up?

- Pick a dress that is suitable for the individual bridesmaid with your birthstone color of choice.
- Why stop at the dress? Give your girls the color and allow them to select their own jewelry to complement their dresses.
- Shoes? Shoes are a girl’s best friend. Allow for some mixing and matching.
- Don’t stop there! Their bouquets can also be made with different blooms in a coordinating theme.
- What about wedding hairstyles? Your bridal party will be more than pleased with you if you allow them to wear their hair in a style that makes them feel comfortable and beautiful.

Tips like these can have your bridesmaids feel like they really are a part of your wedding. Who wouldn’t want a happy bridal party?

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