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Archive for September, 2011

Make Memories Last with a Love Time Capsule

Sep 30, 2011

Weddings are a day that lasts forever in your memories. As you’ve grown as a couple, you may have wondered how your love has grown or changed. In creating a time capsule on your wedding day you can look back and see just what your love was like at the start.

What you need:
• A keepsake box to hold the wedding memories in.

• Memories to put inside. These can be various things:
o Before the wedding day, write letters to each other and place them in the box without letting the other see them.
o Pick several flowers from the arrangements or your bouquet to preserve in the box.
• Promise to not open the box until your anniversary. A significant date like the five year anniversary is far enough away to make it a really special reflection.

• Find a special place to keep your time capsule. Rather than burying it, you can simply tuck it with your wedding dress so you know where to find it and know it’ll stay safe.
Look back at the letters on your anniversary and see how your love has matured over the years. What else would you put in your love time capsule?

The Right Way to Treat Your Bridesmaids

Sep 23, 2011

Some brides may view their bridesmaids as their little army of helpers. It’s best to remember, especially under stress that they are, first and foremost, your friends.
Good friends understand that as a bride you are under an enormous amount of pressure it – even when you turn into the dreaded bridezilla. However, you can hurt your friends’ feelings and possibly damage your relationship with them.
Here are some tips on the right way to treat your bridesmaids:
- When picking out dresses for your bridesmaids be sure to keep each person in mind. Not all styles and colors are flattering on everyone.
- Pick a color for the bridal shoes you would want them to wear and let the bridesmaids pick out their own style of shoes. After all they are the ones who have to wear them all day and possibly all night.
- Give them flip flips or slippers for the big day. This way if they do have shoes that are uncomfortable they can take them off for the rest of the evening.
- When choosing gifts for a gift bag, choose items they will like, not just you.
- Don’t overwhelm them with too many “to do’s”.
- Invite them along when going to dress shop.
- Purchase one or all accessories to match the bridesmaids dresses, like the earrings or purses, for your bridesmaids
- Pay to get their hair or make up done for the wedding day.
- Treat them to a night out or a night in with some wine and fun!
Most importantly remember to tell them “thank you” for being there for you during an important time in your life. By keeping these tips in mind your wedding will be a joyous event for both you and your bridesmaids!

Tip your Wedding Veils to Fall Hat Month

Sep 15, 2011

Grooms, tip your hats. Brides, tip those veils. In honor of your September wedding, we’re giving you another reason to celebrate. On top of the bridal parties, showers, and dinners, hat enthusiasts are going to love that September is also Fall Hat Month! It’s a great reason to start looking at bridal headpieces for both bride and groom.studded bridal tiara

The bride has many options to choose from such as:

• A dazzling mini comb featuring mesh petals and cream rose pearls with spiraling side sprays made of pearls and crystals. Perfect for tucking back strands of hair or fastening your veil!
•  Feathers are stylish wedding headpieces on their own, like our fine feather comb made of delicate organza petals and Swarovski crystals sprays.
• Keeping with the flattering feathers look, this stunning tiara features feathers and crystals throughout. If you are looking for something exquisite to accent your dress this bridal tiara will do the job!
• The traditional tiara is a classic choice for a bridal headpieces. Pair a crystal, pearl bridal tiara with a veil or emphasize an up-do with a tall bridal tiara.

As for the groom he can choose from:
• Fedoras, which are very much in fashion now!
• Top hats, for a formal or classic wedding touch!
• Even a cowboy hat for a themed wedding!

The style doesn’t end with your choice in shoes. Celebrate your September wedding in style from head to toe with hats and headpieces for extra flair!

Celebrate the Joining of Your Two Families!

Sep 8, 2011

Marriage is about more than just you and your soul mate creating a new life together. You’re also creating a new family between the two you come from! It’s important to recognize both – and show how you love each one equally!

mother of the bride dresses

Quality Time
Bring both moms out for dress shopping. Sure… you’ll get lots of time together if your moms are helping with the wedding – but those are stressful times. Together the three of you can bond over a fun day of shopping for mother of the bride dresses – getting to know each other better in a stress-free environment.

Ceremonial Celebrations
Incorporate both of sets of parents into the wedding ceremony. While a traditional wedding only has the father of the bride involved by giving away the bride – you can recognize your parents in many ways. One way to do that is symbolically show the joining of your two families. During the ceremony you can call up all of your parents and spill different colored sand into a jar, creating one whole beautiful sand jar that represents your new family. Make it even more personal by choosing something more individualized to you to make your jar, like spices for a cooking family or beads for an artsy family.

Join hands and families on your wedding day! How do you plan on blending your two families for the wedding?