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Celebrate the Joining of Your Two Families!

Sep 8, 2011

Marriage is about more than just you and your soul mate creating a new life together. You’re also creating a new family between the two you come from! It’s important to recognize both – and show how you love each one equally!

mother of the bride dresses

Quality Time
Bring both moms out for dress shopping. Sure… you’ll get lots of time together if your moms are helping with the wedding – but those are stressful times. Together the three of you can bond over a fun day of shopping for mother of the bride dresses – getting to know each other better in a stress-free environment.

Ceremonial Celebrations
Incorporate both of sets of parents into the wedding ceremony. While a traditional wedding only has the father of the bride involved by giving away the bride – you can recognize your parents in many ways. One way to do that is symbolically show the joining of your two families. During the ceremony you can call up all of your parents and spill different colored sand into a jar, creating one whole beautiful sand jar that represents your new family. Make it even more personal by choosing something more individualized to you to make your jar, like spices for a cooking family or beads for an artsy family.

Join hands and families on your wedding day! How do you plan on blending your two families for the wedding?

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