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Make Memories Last with a Love Time Capsule

Sep 30, 2011

Weddings are a day that lasts forever in your memories. As you’ve grown as a couple, you may have wondered how your love has grown or changed. In creating a time capsule on your wedding day you can look back and see just what your love was like at the start.

What you need:
• A keepsake box to hold the wedding memories in.

• Memories to put inside. These can be various things:
o Before the wedding day, write letters to each other and place them in the box without letting the other see them.
o Pick several flowers from the arrangements or your bouquet to preserve in the box.
• Promise to not open the box until your anniversary. A significant date like the five year anniversary is far enough away to make it a really special reflection.

• Find a special place to keep your time capsule. Rather than burying it, you can simply tuck it with your wedding dress so you know where to find it and know it’ll stay safe.
Look back at the letters on your anniversary and see how your love has matured over the years. What else would you put in your love time capsule?

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