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5 Pinked Out Wedding Ideas

Oct 7, 2011

Just like you can’t ignore your yearly check up, we would never want to ignore the fact that this October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. While it’s not something every bride has to worry about, it is something she should be knowledgeable about. One of the easiest ways to spread awareness is by getting pinked out.

Here are five of our favorite ways, both bold and traditional, that you can pink out your wedding for breast cancer awareness cause.

  1. Dye your hair and your bridesmaids pink! Sure it’s bold, but for a bride who’s lost her mother or mother-in-law to be to breast cancer, what better way to remember her in an uplifting mood.
  2. Create pink runners and pink seat coverings. Color really makes a church wedding pop, rather than the typical pew colors.
  3. Pick a popping hot pink boutonniere for the groomsmen and matching pink flowers in your own bouquet among a mix of reds, violets, and white flowers.
  4. For the wedding reception, feel free to pull on a pair of hot pink flip flops to dance the night away in.
  5. Tie a big pink sash around your dress. You’ll still be rocking the traditional white wedding dress, but embracing your flirty side with the pink waistband.

How will you be pinking out for October?

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