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DIY vs. Buy: Our Guide to Wedding Decisions from Wedding Dresses to Deserts

Oct 14, 2011

Hand stitched every gift, made her own hair pieces, and baked all the deserts; sure some brides have the talent, time, and resources to do it all. To be the ultimate DIY bride though, you need all three of those things. Missing just one and you’re going to need to say no to the flower arrangement classes and just order them! Some things are just easier, and done better, when bought. Here’s our advice for when to buy and when to D.I.Y.

Talent & Time to Spare
If you have a special talent, in as baking, decorating, music, etc. then embrace it for your wedding. Just remember that there are time constraints. Sure, you’d rather be arranging your own music to walk down the aisle to – but this means sacrificing your wedding planning time for something else. While you may be an excellent seamstress, picking out your dream wedding dress and then making your own alterations can be great alternative to crafting your own dress by hand. You don’t have to cater your entire wedding, but can cook the rehearsal dinner, just the cake for the reception, or just make your favorite desert as wedding favors.

You don’t have to go above and beyond everybody’s expectations – your wedding it about meeting your own expectations and having the dream day of your life! Have a wedding that you’ll be gushing about for years to come!

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