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Monica Parkkonen Photography: Babies and Bellies, Children and Weddings Photography

Oct 6, 2011

A photographer with an eye on the beautiful and the precious, Monica Parkkonen Photography has an skill for fabulous wedding looks and is located here in South Carolina. From the time you say I do, to your very first newborn, Parkkonen Photography captures stunning moments to forever treasure. We were thrilled to stumble upon such a talented photographer in

In 2010 Parkkonen Photography was named a top photography on While Parkkonen Photography is a local, South Carolina based photography wedding service Monica has shot not just all around the country, but also out of the country! What a globe trotter! We love a photographer who does it all, and Parkkonen Photography is one of those, doing wedding packages, child photography, adoption photo sessions, and fresh at the hospital baby photos.

Check out Parkkonen Photography’s work at her photography site, or keep up on her most recent work on her photography blog or on Facebook.

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