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How to Plan a Dream Day With Mom and her Pick of Mother of the Bride Gowns

Nov 30, 2011

What can you get the mother who has everything? The tender, unparalelled pleasure at seeing you married could be all she’s ever asked for, so finding the perfect gift can be oh-so-difficult.  So how can you find a gift that surprises and cheers her up? Plan a special day to let Mom have her pick of mother of the bride gowns for your dream day. It’s the day all her dreams come true as well – seeing her girl get married – so let her dress the way she wants and be a part of this process by picking together.

What to plan for this dream day:

  • A trip to the spa.
  • Get your colors done by a specialist.
  • A trip to boutiques far out of your price range and then ones that are, like Dimitra Designs!

Then in the weeks right before the wedding, you can have your Maid of Honor and Mother come along for your prep day for a trip to get your hair recolored, nails done, facials and practice make up to test your colors. A bond with your mom is a special thing that can’t be replaced. Make your day with your mom last forever.

We Love Tim Duncan Events!

Nov 21, 2011

For everyday inspiration and fabulous finds, The Posh Event is the place to be. When we stumbled onto The Posh Event blog, we were thrilled to find dainty ideas for your wedding like Martha Stewart DIY conversation starter books for the reception, headpiece inspired table pieces and statement necklaces to match even our Casablanca wedding dresses! Such cute ideas like that are so smart, it’s hard to not fall in love! From party planning to inspiration, to tips and advice, The Posh Event has it all. So it should come as no surprise that fabulous wedding advice like this comes from experienced wedding planning genius from Tim Duncan Events.

Tim Duncan Events is a full service event planning boutique who guide you through developing design and rehearsal and to final set up and handling the final payments. With 16 years of experience as a creative producer and event planner Timeesha Duncan heads this glamorous wedding planning service out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Follow Tim Duncan Events on Facebook and Twitter for the latest on wedding inspirations and styles. While we’ll be ready to dress you in your dream wedding dress, Tim Duncan Events will step in with the rest to prepare you for the day of your dreams.

We Love!

Nov 15, 2011

Wedding planning always seems to be about the order and timeliness – never so much about the style. Sure you’ll have the perfect wedding, perfect dress, but will you have a real fashionable wedding? The Couture wedding planning from offer a variety of couture wedding packages that excite and fulfill all your greatest dreams and fantasies. is run by celebrity wedding planner Jordan Victoria, who uses real ‘white glove’ service to provide the top standards of class and hospitality on your special day. It’s all about what you want, from the event to the shoes, to the dream location. Her special care makes any wedding special – but can truly make it a classy Hollywood even to always remember!

Event Couture offers a unique place for brides to find inspiration and wedding ideas in their blog One such inspiration comes in the form of their own stunning design skills featured in a recent spread in Event Solutions Magazine.

Find out more about these stunning wedding planners at their site We wish them the best of luck with all their wedding planning in the future!

How to Get Them in Your Pick of Pretty Maids Bridesmaid Dresses

Nov 14, 2011

How are your favorite bridesmaids going to feel when you stick them in your favorite color? Well they may not say it out loud, but the resentment is still there! While the big compromises are with your soon-to-be, theses gals you love so much and have asked to be a part of your big day deserve a little compromise as well. Sometimes you fall right in love with a set of bridesmaids dresses – like when you find the Pretty Maids Bridesmaid dresses that match your wedding dress perfectly!

You can however sway them over to your opinion – using these tricks.

  • Compromise – if there’s a style of dress that you’re dead set on, let them pick their own shades. Mixing up your bridesmaid dress colors are all the rage now too! If you’re amorous about a certain shade, let them help you pick the exact cut and style – maybe they can each have their own so everyone is happy!
  • Explain – let them know why you want you want this exact dress. Don’t just say you want it because it’ll make you look best. Try saying, “I have this picture in my mind of us looking like royalty together, when we pair these dresses with my bridal dress it matches all my dreams perfectly!”

Use your bride to be powers for good – and get the Pretty Maids Bridesmaid dresses that are in your sights! What sort of compromises do you make with your bridesmaids?

We Love Davey Morgan Photography!

Nov 9, 2011

If there is a more touching story than that of a happy wedding couple, it’s the happy couple that gets to photograph them! Davey Morgan Photography is an award winning photography team that’s located right here in Greenville, SC.

Davey and Marissa of Davey Morgan Photography have a real eye for wedding moments, by catching the amazing memories that you’ll only ever see in photographs because you lived them! One of their focuses is on capturing the joy, emotions and personalities of an event – and what more could you want at for your wedding? There’s also the eye for the wedding atmosphere, where they capture the bright, fun elements of the wedding like the wedding dress! They’ve received honors for their amazing photography such as 1st Place in Nikon Moving Moments Photography Contest and Wedding Wire Bride’s Choice Awards 2011, and been Wedding Wire Rated four years in a row now! Even though they’re based from Greenville, SC, Davey Morgan Photography actually goes international with their photography. So much more than just you typical wedding photographers, they also do stunning family portraits that you can see on their blog at















Davey Morgan Photography has featured us as one of their preferred venders as well – so you know they have an eye for good style. Find out more about Davey Morgan Photography at their site You can also see more of Davey Morgan Photography’s work though, their photography blog and twitter @daveymorgan.

How to Match Your Dreams to Your Wedding Dress

Nov 3, 2011

Where does your wedding inspiration come from? Your mother’s wedding? Magazines and flyers? Certainly it’s not the many bridal shows that inspire your wedding, these showcases just show you the practical ways that your dreams can be achieved. It’s the dreams that you’ve had for years, the ones you didn’t remember having and the ones you’d forgetten, which inspire your wedding dreams.Allure collection mermaid wedding dress

There are so many magical dreams from Disney and other classic movies that inspire a wedding.

• Does the scene in Beauty and the Beast when Belle wears her golden ballroom dress to dance with the Prince for the first time as a real man always tug at your heart? Then a ballroom style couture wedding gown will be the one for you!

• Maybe you’ve gone from the safe seas to dry land all for your man, just like the Little Mermaid. You’ll definitely love the fashion forward style of the Allure collection mermaid wedding dress, or any mermaid style dress!

• Perhaps Disney wasn’t thing for you, the real classics like An Affair to Remember and Casablanca gave life to your wedding dreams. That’s when you call upon the beauty of the Casablanca wedding dress styles, a classic wedding gown for a beautiful bride.

Just wish upon a star, and all your dreams, including finding the wedding dress of your dreams will come true!