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How to Get Them in Your Pick of Pretty Maids Bridesmaid Dresses

Nov 14, 2011

How are your favorite bridesmaids going to feel when you stick them in your favorite color? Well they may not say it out loud, but the resentment is still there! While the big compromises are with your soon-to-be, theses gals you love so much and have asked to be a part of your big day deserve a little compromise as well. Sometimes you fall right in love with a set of bridesmaids dresses – like when you find the Pretty Maids Bridesmaid dresses that match your wedding dress perfectly!

You can however sway them over to your opinion – using these tricks.

  • Compromise – if there’s a style of dress that you’re dead set on, let them pick their own shades. Mixing up your bridesmaid dress colors are all the rage now too! If you’re amorous about a certain shade, let them help you pick the exact cut and style – maybe they can each have their own so everyone is happy!
  • Explain – let them know why you want you want this exact dress. Don’t just say you want it because it’ll make you look best. Try saying, “I have this picture in my mind of us looking like royalty together, when we pair these dresses with my bridal dress it matches all my dreams perfectly!”

Use your bride to be powers for good – and get the Pretty Maids Bridesmaid dresses that are in your sights! What sort of compromises do you make with your bridesmaids?

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