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How to Plan a Dream Day With Mom and her Pick of Mother of the Bride Gowns

Nov 30, 2011

What can you get the mother who has everything? The tender, unparalelled pleasure at seeing you married could be all she’s ever asked for, so finding the perfect gift can be oh-so-difficult.  So how can you find a gift that surprises and cheers her up? Plan a special day to let Mom have her pick of mother of the bride gowns for your dream day. It’s the day all her dreams come true as well – seeing her girl get married – so let her dress the way she wants and be a part of this process by picking together.

What to plan for this dream day:

  • A trip to the spa.
  • Get your colors done by a specialist.
  • A trip to boutiques far out of your price range and then ones that are, like Dimitra Designs!

Then in the weeks right before the wedding, you can have your Maid of Honor and Mother come along for your prep day for a trip to get your hair recolored, nails done, facials and practice make up to test your colors. A bond with your mom is a special thing that can’t be replaced. Make your day with your mom last forever.

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