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Pick Your Perfect Wedding Color Scheme with Mori Lee Bridesmaids Dresses

Dec 30, 2011

When planning a wedding it is important to have your signature color in mind. Whether the focal color originates from your flowers, favors, or the bridal party’s attire, it is important to make sure your color scheme flows elegantly just as you will down the aisle.

Perhaps your favorite flowers are lilacs, but finding the right color for your bridesmaid’s dresses to blend with the lilacs proposes a challenge. Mori Lee Bridesmaids dresses offer a wide variety of colors and styles to be the perfect match to any wedding color scheme or might even change your mind about what colors you may have already had in mind.

You may be one of many brides who just cannot decide which color will match your wedding affair best, so you may want to try combining colors. If you are having trouble deciding on just one color, we’ve listed ten color combos that you can mix and match with dresses and bouquets that go beautifully together.

1. Lavender + Soft Pink

2. Turquoise + Bright Orange

3. Light Pink + Bright Pink

4. Pale Green + Deep Brown

5. Brown + Orange + Green

6. Bright Pink + Cranberry Red

7. Purple + Blue

8. Pale Pink + Deep Brown

9. Light Orange + Purple

10. Creamy White + Green

You can find these dual colored Mori Lee Bridesmaids dresses here at What color or colors will you choose for your wedding?


Last Minute Gifts Ideas for the Bride Shopping Designer Wedding Dresses

Dec 23, 2011

The dress you want - and the holiday of your dreams as well!

We’re sure you’ve been scrimping and saving by shopping designer wedding dress sales, checking all the local wedding deals sites, and seeing what you can make on your own for the wedding, which makes exchanging presents a touchy subject for many prospective brides and grooms.

If you’re feeling a little lack luster about your current gifts, whether because you’ve just been too busy working on the wedding preparations or you promised to not spend too much on each other, there’s still a few ways you can make it a special Christmas.

-  If you have picked out your wedding dress, give him a little teaser with a book of close up shots of the dress and details. Print out the photos and punch a hole to tie a ribbon through. Make a cover that says, “Just a taste of what’s to come. Can’t wait!”

-  Create a cute and quick coupon book of wedding free passes. For  example, “One decision, all you, no complaints,” and “One stress free afternoon together, no wedding talk needed.”

-  Spend all Christmas day referring to each other as Mr. and Mrs. You can even go through and start changing out old account information and preferences to “Married” statuses!

    While your Christmas together really will be one that will be remembered forever, don’t ignore this year’s Christmas. Have a very special Christmas together!

    Dreaming of Midgley and Sottero Adorae Inspired Flower Arrangements

    Dec 15, 2011

    It’s not just the brides, some dresses get us really excited! If you’ve had a chance to glimpse the latest creations from Maggie Sottero bridal dresses, you’ve seen the Midgley and Sottero Adorae dresses line, then you know what we’re talking about! You can’t help but look at these dresses and start re-imagining your entire wedding. The best part of many of Midgley and Sottero Adorae dresses? The floral inspiration! When you make your own wedding flower arrangements, you can save from 50-75% – leaving you free to spend that money elsewhere.

    The one shoulder Ivory Narelle Lousie Midgley and Sottero Adorae dress strap is made of flowers and Swarovski crystals. For this dress, decorate the ceremony hall not in bunches of flowers, but long vertical flowers hanging down the length of the wall or from trellises.

    The Mermaid light gold wedding dress Suzette from Midgley and Sottero Adorae features an oversized floral satin band. With a dress as unique as this, feel inspired to decorate with out of season floral arrangements and exotic flowers.

    If you’re looking for more imaginative and practical ‘do it yourself’ flower arrangement ideas, be sure to check out There Angie Zimmerman offers lots of flower tips as well as wedding ideas for your own arrangements, as well as a very handy book, the Do-It-Yourself Wedding Flower Guide.

    RSVP for Free Shipping Day – December 16th

    Dec 9, 2011

    Free Shipping Day

    This is your ‘Save-the-Date’ for big savings! More than 2,000 stores and merchants have pledged together to offer Free Shipping on Friday, December 16th because it’s the last day for many stores to ship in time for the holidays – Dimitra Designs included! By offering Free Shipping to any bride-to-be’s ordering that day, we hope to remind you to order in time for Christmas!

    What to know:

    On December 16th, you’ll receive free shipping on any order, including our bridal dresses and white debutante dresses. Just use the coupon code “SHIPPING121611” when you check out. The code is only good on the 16th, so don’t forget it! In fact, we’re not the only store offering free shipping that day. You can find out who else is participating in Free Shipping Day at their site, This way you can’t forget to shop on the 16th!

    We know many brides will likely want to share her wedding dress, headpieces and shoes with friends and family who are in town just for the holidays. That’s what makes our participation in Free Shipping Day even more important to us. So brides, take out those wish lists you’ve been building all year and start shopping. We promise you’ll receive your orders on the 16th in time for Christmas, so don’t forget to mark your calendar!

    We’re Fans of A Monique Affair

    Dec 5, 2011

    We always pride ourselves on an absolute commitment to giving our brides the best day through our wedding dresses, so finding a wedding dress service such as A Monique Affair is really quite a privilege. Guiding bride and grooms through their dream day out of the San Francisco Easy Bay area, A Monique Affair is a full service special event and wedding planning company who’s worked with venues such as The Elegant Claremont Hotel, The Oakhurst Country Club, and The Beautiful Went’ Vineyards.  Chanda Eddens, executive designer and owner, is constantly looking to improve the services, with the intent to receive a Master Bridal Consultant of the Association of Bridal Consultants as well as a BA in Hospitality Management. A Monique Affair graced us with a full interview on their services, which you can read below. You can find out more about their unparalleled wedding planning services at their website, as well as her wedding planing blog. Find A Monique Designs on Facebook and Twitter as well!


    1. What’s your favorite part about a wedding?

    My absolute favorite part of the wedding is when I make that final connection with the bride before she walks down the aisle; that exact moment is so tender, especially because you can see how nervous she really is. No matter how strong a bride is during the planning process, the moment before she heads down the aisle, my words are calming and I love the feeling of assisting her in that moment. My next favorite part is definitely when the couple enters the reception room for the very first time, it’s simply amazing!


    2. Do you ever help a bride choose the accessories for her wedding dress? If so how?
    Part of my job is advising my brides on what dresses look good on their body type. I also search for and track down accessory ideas I might come across. I’m also open to fulfilling special requests. I once had a bride who really wanted a red dress and we actually found one within 48 hours. There’s usually no mission that’s too impossible. It was amazing and she loved it. 

    3. What is your favorite wedding dress trend that you see many brides wearing?

    I usually try to steer the brides I work with away from selecting styles that are too “trendy” or dated. I personally like the touch a classic gown brings not only to the wedding, but also to the photographs. Classic gowns make any woman feel sexy, classy, and feminine, in which ever way each bride defines that for herself.

    4. How do you help brides accomplish affordable weddings?

    When planning a wedding the biggest concern is always the budget. I usually meet with my clients to discuss a solid monetary plan and we look at the realistic cost of everything up front. After we’ve established a limit, I have my brides rank the elements that are most important to them and we focus on those things. This is a great way for me to know what I should account for the most when working with the budget.


    5. Are there any important things you think brides need to know about your services?

    My main piece of advice to a bride would be not skimp on her event planning services. Having the proper coordination on the day of is important. We are living in a time when budgets are a main concern and brides are cutting corners, but they shouldn’t cut corners on the important things like a coordinator. Especially because a coordinator is there to relieve the bride of stress overload that usually occurs on the day of the wedding. I encourage the bride to share the load and/or pass it off to A Monique Affair. It’s good for the bride to stay relaxed and to allow us at that point to work our magic and ensure everything runs flawlessly.

    6. How do you stand out from other wedding planners?
    A Monique Affair stands out from other planners because our services are unique and specialized. You get top of the line coordination services, but you also get so much more. Our blog offers great bridal tips and décor ideas. We support the LGBT community and dedicate a feature in our blog just to LGBT weddings & engagement. We have also added a small catalog of vintage rental items that brides can rent on their own or decide to use with our service. Mostly, I think it’s our extra special care of clients that sets us apart. We pay close attention to all the small details, leaving no room for the bride to stress. We take special care to deliver a good experience on all levels, from treating the vendors well, caring for the client and taking into account all their guests. We help deliver that dream wedding.