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Dreaming of Midgley and Sottero Adorae Inspired Flower Arrangements

Dec 15, 2011

It’s not just the brides, some dresses get us really excited! If you’ve had a chance to glimpse the latest creations from Maggie Sottero bridal dresses, you’ve seen the Midgley and Sottero Adorae dresses line, then you know what we’re talking about! You can’t help but look at these dresses and start re-imagining your entire wedding. The best part of many of Midgley and Sottero Adorae dresses? The floral inspiration! When you make your own wedding flower arrangements, you can save from 50-75% – leaving you free to spend that money elsewhere.

The one shoulder Ivory Narelle Lousie Midgley and Sottero Adorae dress strap is made of flowers and Swarovski crystals. For this dress, decorate the ceremony hall not in bunches of flowers, but long vertical flowers hanging down the length of the wall or from trellises.

The Mermaid light gold wedding dress Suzette from Midgley and Sottero Adorae features an oversized floral satin band. With a dress as unique as this, feel inspired to decorate with out of season floral arrangements and exotic flowers.

If you’re looking for more imaginative and practical ‘do it yourself’ flower arrangement ideas, be sure to check out There Angie Zimmerman offers lots of flower tips as well as wedding ideas for your own arrangements, as well as a very handy book, the Do-It-Yourself Wedding Flower Guide.

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