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Last Minute Gifts Ideas for the Bride Shopping Designer Wedding Dresses

Dec 23, 2011

The dress you want - and the holiday of your dreams as well!

We’re sure you’ve been scrimping and saving by shopping designer wedding dress sales, checking all the local wedding deals sites, and seeing what you can make on your own for the wedding, which makes exchanging presents a touchy subject for many prospective brides and grooms.

If you’re feeling a little lack luster about your current gifts, whether because you’ve just been too busy working on the wedding preparations or you promised to not spend too much on each other, there’s still a few ways you can make it a special Christmas.

-  If you have picked out your wedding dress, give him a little teaser with a book of close up shots of the dress and details. Print out the photos and punch a hole to tie a ribbon through. Make a cover that says, “Just a taste of what’s to come. Can’t wait!”

-  Create a cute and quick coupon book of wedding free passes. For  example, “One decision, all you, no complaints,” and “One stress free afternoon together, no wedding talk needed.”

-  Spend all Christmas day referring to each other as Mr. and Mrs. You can even go through and start changing out old account information and preferences to “Married” statuses!

    While your Christmas together really will be one that will be remembered forever, don’t ignore this year’s Christmas. Have a very special Christmas together!

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