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Pick Your Perfect Wedding Color Scheme with Mori Lee Bridesmaids Dresses

Dec 30, 2011

When planning a wedding it is important to have your signature color in mind. Whether the focal color originates from your flowers, favors, or the bridal party’s attire, it is important to make sure your color scheme flows elegantly just as you will down the aisle.

Perhaps your favorite flowers are lilacs, but finding the right color for your bridesmaid’s dresses to blend with the lilacs proposes a challenge. Mori Lee Bridesmaids dresses offer a wide variety of colors and styles to be the perfect match to any wedding color scheme or might even change your mind about what colors you may have already had in mind.

You may be one of many brides who just cannot decide which color will match your wedding affair best, so you may want to try combining colors. If you are having trouble deciding on just one color, we’ve listed ten color combos that you can mix and match with dresses and bouquets that go beautifully together.

1. Lavender + Soft Pink

2. Turquoise + Bright Orange

3. Light Pink + Bright Pink

4. Pale Green + Deep Brown

5. Brown + Orange + Green

6. Bright Pink + Cranberry Red

7. Purple + Blue

8. Pale Pink + Deep Brown

9. Light Orange + Purple

10. Creamy White + Green

You can find these dual colored Mori Lee Bridesmaids dresses here at What color or colors will you choose for your wedding?


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