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Be the Picture Perfect Bride in Sottero & Midgley Bridal Dresses

Jan 26, 2012

A bride on her wedding day must always be “photo ready” since it may be the most photographed day of your life. The beautiful gowns by Sottero and Midgley Tracey will be sure to make you look absolutely flawless on one of the happiest days of your life.

The photos you have from your wedding day will be treasured memories you will have the rest of your life. It isn’t all about you just looking stunning but also about the right locations to capture these precious memories.

We have listed our top five locations to take your wedding photos.

Large fields with an open blue sky – Fields of flowers, tall grass, or even wheat can be the ideal place for a gorgeous photo. Picture you and your partner off center in the photo, kissing with the big open blue sky or perhaps some mountains behind you.

Colorful alleyways – Rustic alleys with bright colored doors and windows make for a gorgeous photo. Also, brick walls look very modern in photos. You or your husband can lean up against the wall and kiss for a cute and classy photo!

Train tracks – Walking together on the train tracks, bouquet in hand is a beautiful photograph. This would look even lovelier with the sunset in front of you. Train tracks are a classic but please be careful!

Near bodies of water- Whether it be a lake, pond, or ocean, the water is a gorgeous backdrop for your photos. Again, the sunset would only enhance this beautiful photo.

Archways and Gazebos – This is probably the most classic wedding photo of all. You and your lovely can stand under the archway holding hands or dancing for an always beautiful photo.

These are some of our favorite places to take photos. Please share with us your favorite places as well. Also, make sure to pick your picture perfect Sottero and Midgley Tracey dress at!

European Theme and Flair with 2012 San Patrick Wedding Dresses

Jan 20, 2012

Waiting for Prince Charming to return!

Many brides dream of a fairytale, European style wedding. The romanticism of being a princess, finding and then marrying your prince – it’s something that only ever happened in the old country, never in the states. So to complete your fairy tale wedding, go all out with a European theme.

What does a European fairy tale wedding need?

A gorgeous, European style wedding dress, like from the 2012 San Patrick Wedding Dresses collection. While your wedding accessories and decor may pull from vintage, antique elements to fit your theme, a fresh, inspired take on the European dress will suit you well.

The fairy tale location, recalling classic locations for a destination wedding, without the actual destination. A chateau, villa, or castle inspired location would be perfect.

How do you plan to make your big entrance? For an outdoor wedding, the big entrance is for you, the bride, right when you come down the aisle. Arrive in style on horseback or carriage to add to the perception of real royalty. If your wedding is indoors, the newly married couple can arrive to the reception location in person. Let everyone know to wait outside for your majestic arrival.

What do you have planned to match your European themed wedding?

Let Dimitra Designs Help You Choose Your U.S. Destination Wedding!

Jan 13, 2012

Many couples choose tropical beach locations in other countries for their destination wedding. Unfortunately, these can be very costly and you may not be able to invite everyone on that hefty guest list of yours. So instead, why not have a United States destination wedding?

Step 1: Choose your perfect wedding destination that is within reason and budget.

Step 2: Choose your favorite summer 2012 wedding dress from

Step 3: Start planning!

There are many beautiful destinations within our 50 states, but we have picked our top 10 favorites to help you choose. Our list varies from city chic to countryside couture and of course some of the United State’s most beautiful beaches.

  • Pismo Beach, CA
  • Cape Cod, ME
  • Disney World, Orlando, FL
  • Beaver Creek, CO
  • New York, NY
  • Kauai, HI
  • Palm Beach, FL
  • Asheville, NC
  • Bayfield, WI
  • Chicago, IL

If you know of any other destinations you think should be added to the list leave us a comment below, we would love to hear from you!

Once you pick out the perfect location to walk down the aisle, make sure to picture yourself in a stunning dress from Dimitra Design’s summer 2012 wedding dress collection! We hope you find the perfect destination to fit your personality and style, whether it is one of these locations or in your own backyard!

We Love LetteringArtStudio, Calligraphy and Brush Lettering

Jan 9, 2012

Invitations, table cards, programs, these are all things that every bride is already concerned with. Lettering Art Studio’s Debi Sementelli creates beautiful professional lettering for not just these necessary parts of every wedding, but also any other part of your wedding you need lettering for, be it your aisle runners, food signs, drinking glasses etc. We’re just so impressed with not only her calligraphy skills but also her beautiful designs that we had to share them with you!

While still being a traditional calligraphy and lettering artist, Debi has also branched into the world of fonts with the creation of Belluccia, named one of Most Popular Fonts of 2011. MyFontsLettering Art Studio teams up with Brain Bonislawsky to create this lovely calligraphy inspired font that any bride would love to use for her invitations, place cards, etc. A recent Charlottesville, Virginia bride actually used the Belluccia font more than traditional uses like the wedding program, menu, etc. but also as a DIY font. She and her mother made chalkboard signs, table numbers, and a must see “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” sign, an idea definitely worth stealing!

With Lettering Art Studio’s help, you can create your own custom invitations and beautiful touches to your wedding as well. Find out more about Lettering Art Studio at her calligraphy and brush lettering site,, as well as keep up on her latest projects on her blog,


Spring and Summer 2012 Wedding Dresses for Celebrity Weddings

Jan 6, 2012

While your best friend’s wedding was probably a fairy tale, it’s hard to compete with the celebrity weddings which inspire many brides’ styles. If you love to keep your eye on tabloids – like we do – for celebrity nuptials, you have probably already heard about these lovely brides who will likely be inspiring your own choice in summer 2012 wedding dresses.

Brittany Spears is said to be looking to Betsey Johnson or Jeremy Scott for her wedding dress designs. Layers and traditional elegance will look great on Brittany. We can imagine her looking stunning in a platinum wedding dress Alma Novia Saboya designer gown. Brittany is engaged to Jason Trawick.

The queen of soul, Aretha Franklin, is also engaged and looking at summer 2012 wedding dresses styles for her June or July wedding. Vera Wang is rumored to be at the top of her list of designers, as well as Donna Karan and Valentino for her wedding dress. Just picture Aretha in a gown with a ruffled roses skirt like seen on the enormously inspiring Ruched Waist Mermaid bodice KittyChen Daisy gown.

Also, just engaged also is Drew Barrymore, no date set, who we would love to see in a shorter, trendier bridal dress. is wishing all 2012 bride to be’s the best of luck!


We Love the Pretty Pear Bride!

Jan 4, 2012

While we occasionally touch on the various sizes and shapes of brides, we don’t mention our plus size wedding dresses nearly as often as we could. While we’re all caught up in the fashions and pre-wedding fun, there are fantastic blogs out there the The Pretty Pear Bride, a plus size brides inspirational site. Here you’ll find fashions, celebrity inspirations, weddings finds and ideas all for real, plus size bride.

Owner and editor of Pretty Pear Bride, Shafonne Myers, is a certified wedding and event planner. Taking notice of the lack of plus size brides wedding inspirations out in the web, she took on the mission of creating her own site with inspirations and resources for the plus size bride. She’s since been highlighted by both plus size and wedding blogs, including, TheWedding and, of which she’s a graduate and instructor!

Not only does she provide inspiration, but you’ll also find details about other plus size brides’ real weddings. From gorgeous photos to brilliant ideas, you’ll find it all at to make your even special at You can also find out more about her at her plus size brides inspiration site, Facebook and Twitter.

We Love Romance in a Glance!

Jan 3, 2012

Whether you’re just the girlfriend dreaming of wedding dresses, the bride to have her girls fitted in bridesmaid dresses or the newlywed fresh from her wedding day, you’ll still believe in the magic of love, which means you’ll find something at Romance in a Glance. While looking across the many wedding blogs, Romance In a Glance stood out to us in so many ways, including a great taste in wedding themes, passion and love for all things romantic. Too often we focus just on the wedding, but every marriage has it’s start and it’s happily ever after.  This wedding and love blog is full of inspiration for the woman at any point in her romantic journey.

If you’re looking for gorgeous color and idea boards or just a kindred spirit to identify with on your bride to be travels, you’ll find it here at Romance in a Glance. From southern wedding boards to interviews with other brides and brides to be, it’s all on this blog.

Check out more of her romantic, gushy posts for yourself at, and be sure to congratulate her on a beautiful new redesign. You can also follow Romance in a Glance on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.