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Be the Picture Perfect Bride in Sottero & Midgley Bridal Dresses

Jan 26, 2012

A bride on her wedding day must always be “photo ready” since it may be the most photographed day of your life. The beautiful gowns by Sottero and Midgley Tracey will be sure to make you look absolutely flawless on one of the happiest days of your life.

The photos you have from your wedding day will be treasured memories you will have the rest of your life. It isn’t all about you just looking stunning but also about the right locations to capture these precious memories.

We have listed our top five locations to take your wedding photos.

Large fields with an open blue sky – Fields of flowers, tall grass, or even wheat can be the ideal place for a gorgeous photo. Picture you and your partner off center in the photo, kissing with the big open blue sky or perhaps some mountains behind you.

Colorful alleyways – Rustic alleys with bright colored doors and windows make for a gorgeous photo. Also, brick walls look very modern in photos. You or your husband can lean up against the wall and kiss for a cute and classy photo!

Train tracks – Walking together on the train tracks, bouquet in hand is a beautiful photograph. This would look even lovelier with the sunset in front of you. Train tracks are a classic but please be careful!

Near bodies of water- Whether it be a lake, pond, or ocean, the water is a gorgeous backdrop for your photos. Again, the sunset would only enhance this beautiful photo.

Archways and Gazebos – This is probably the most classic wedding photo of all. You and your lovely can stand under the archway holding hands or dancing for an always beautiful photo.

These are some of our favorite places to take photos. Please share with us your favorite places as well. Also, make sure to pick your picture perfect Sottero and Midgley Tracey dress at!

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