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European Theme and Flair with 2012 San Patrick Wedding Dresses

Jan 20, 2012

Waiting for Prince Charming to return!

Many brides dream of a fairytale, European style wedding. The romanticism of being a princess, finding and then marrying your prince – it’s something that only ever happened in the old country, never in the states. So to complete your fairy tale wedding, go all out with a European theme.

What does a European fairy tale wedding need?

A gorgeous, European style wedding dress, like from the 2012 San Patrick Wedding Dresses collection. While your wedding accessories and decor may pull from vintage, antique elements to fit your theme, a fresh, inspired take on the European dress will suit you well.

The fairy tale location, recalling classic locations for a destination wedding, without the actual destination. A chateau, villa, or castle inspired location would be perfect.

How do you plan to make your big entrance? For an outdoor wedding, the big entrance is for you, the bride, right when you come down the aisle. Arrive in style on horseback or carriage to add to the perception of real royalty. If your wedding is indoors, the newly married couple can arrive to the reception location in person. Let everyone know to wait outside for your majestic arrival.

What do you have planned to match your European themed wedding?

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