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Countdown to the Oscars: Sizzling Style Predictions!

Feb 24, 2012

Glitz, glamour, and fashion flops are sure to overflow the red carpet this year at the Oscars. Many women choose to watch the award ceremony simply for the exquisite fashions, and we’re right there with you on that one!

Dress Inspirations for Oscars 2012:

Pinks. This lighthearted shade is expected to dazzle the paparazzi. Brighter pinks add a youthful and exciting look to traditional dresses, while pale pinks are forever chic.

Teals. Turquoise and teal shades provide an exotic twist on blue. These shades create a feminine appeal that enhances skin tone and looks amazing among celebs with darker hair.

Bridal Worthy Vintage Gowns. Actresses are expected to choose elegant dress twists with white, ivory, and beige tones. These looks are inspired by vintage bridal trends of the season similar to designs like Jacquelin Exclusive wedding dresses.

Sequins. Colorful, yet tiny beading and sequins are predicted to dazzle form fitting looks.

Lace. Intricate details such as lace are expected to grace long, A-line dresses.

It’s always exciting to see the hair, makeup, and dresses worn by style icons. It’s often helpful for brides to receive hair up-do inspirations or makeup ideas for their big day when they watch award shows. You’re able to judge what looks pretty and what doesn’t on your favorite stars in order to find the look that’s best for you!

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