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Archive for March, 2012

Walk Down the Aisle in Style!

Mar 29, 2012

There are so many different ways to express yourself on your wedding day; it’s fun to be creative! Besides jewelry, hair, and makeup there is one other accessory that is a must for brides: your shoes! We gathered together the most popular bridal shoe options for you!

Bling Heels: Crystals, rhinestones and diamonds are everywhere since 2012 is the year of bling! Maybe you’re looking for pumps, stilettos, or kitten heels? Well lucky you, bling is in on any type of couture bridal shoes!

Fabulous couture heels!

Neon Pumps: Yes we said it, neon! Neon accents are in this year; brides are choosing to wear a hot pink pump to present an edgy twist with a traditional white dress.

Flip Flops: This comfortable shoe choice is seen most on destination brides. There are solid options along with rhinestone flip flops which are much easier to navigate in sand than a heel!

Wedges: Heels can be difficult at outdoor weddings since the heel tends to poke into the grass and create an awkward walk down the aisle. Brides are turning to sassy wedges which make it easy to walk and now come in dressier styles.

Express your own individual style by choosing what shoe works best for you and looks fabulous with your dress! Forget the rules and wear what you want to wear; after all, it is your day!


What Are Your Bridesmaids Wearing?

Mar 22, 2012

Just as you want to wear the perfect dress as you profess your “I do’s,” you also want the ladies standing alongside you to look beautiful too. This year it’s all about bright colors, beads, and short bridesmaid dresses.

Black – You cannot go wrong with black. Brides are choosing black to flatter the many shapes and sizes of their bridesmaids and for the elegant look it brings to the altar.

White – Believe it or not, many brides love the all white look for their bridesmaids. Maid of Honor Pippa Middleton made this color famous again!

A coral, strapless dress is a chic bridesmaid option!

Bright Colors – It’s all about the rainbow. From coral to raspberry sorbet; teal to lime green, brides are going all out with their color palette when it comes to dresses.

Short – Straying away from the long dress, short bridesmaid dresses are picking shorter styles for the wedding party. The trend of spry tanning shows of toned legs and gives the party a less formal appearance.

Strapless – For all the spring and summer brides, strapless is in. Make sure your bridesmaids dresses fit properly so they do not need to keep pulling up!

Depending on the body structure of your bridesmaids, you may want to choose a safe and chic option. It is helpful to have an idea of what you’re looking for and in what color before you begin your dress shopping excursions with the group of woman!


What Does Spring Bring? Off the Shoulder Gowns!

Mar 15, 2012

Shoulder-bearing styles are back and better than ever! Off the shoulder wedding gowns can be deemed classic or modern and designers are rapidly choosing to resurrect this chic style that was made popular in the 1950s.

Benefits of the shoulder-bearing option:

Hide trouble spots: This type of gown is ideal for the bride who is self conscience of her upper arm. This hides the trouble area, yet keeps the shoulder exposed.

Accentuates the collar bone: Women love to accentuate their collar bone, which is simple with alluring off the shoulder wedding gowns.

Choose your length: With this style you can choose what length is best for you. Maybe you want floor length, tea length, or a short dress; whichever you prefer, you can still show off your shoulders you worked hard to tone!

Flattering to most figures: It’s often hard to find a neckline that flatters a thin or a fuller figured bride. This neckline falls right below the shoulders, flattering either a small or large bust.

Elegant ff the shoulder gown.

You want to be comfortable on your wedding day. Off the shoulder gowns are a perfect choice for brides who don’t want to worry about their dress sliding down or who know they are going to do a lot of dancing! This elegant style will have your man swooning and your guests gazing at your stunning silhouette.


Short And Sweet: Confessions of a Short Gown Bride

Mar 9, 2012

short bridal dress

Short dresses show off your toned legs!

Let’s face it; a long A-line gown isn’t for everyone. Luckily, there are wedding dresses out there for every type of bride! Maybe you have your heart set on a princess-like or a chic vintage design. Either way, this year’s trend of short weddings dresses will have you feeling feminine and free! Not sure if a short dress is right for you? We have a few reasons why brides opt for the shorter style.

Reasons brides choose short wedding dresses:

Love to dance: Brides want to enjoy the dance floor too. Sometimes it’s easier to get your groove on when you don’t have extra material restricting your movement!

Flaunt your legs: Many brides intensely hit the gym in the months leading up to their wedding. Why not show of your toned gams you worked so hard to achieve?

Make a fashion statement: Short wedding dresses come in just about every style. Whether you like lace or satin, you’ll make a fashion statement with the knee-length choice.

Dare to be different: Not all brides can pull off the non-traditional type of dress. If you have a daring personality that often strays from the norm, a short dress may be perfect for you!

Still can’t decide? There’s even a removable skirt wedding dress for the bride that can’t make up her mind! No matter which type of dress you choose, it will be stunning and uniquely you!