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Short And Sweet: Confessions of a Short Gown Bride

Mar 9, 2012

short bridal dress

Short dresses show off your toned legs!

Let’s face it; a long A-line gown isn’t for everyone. Luckily, there are wedding dresses out there for every type of bride! Maybe you have your heart set on a princess-like or a chic vintage design. Either way, this year’s trend of short weddings dresses will have you feeling feminine and free! Not sure if a short dress is right for you? We have a few reasons why brides opt for the shorter style.

Reasons brides choose short wedding dresses:

Love to dance: Brides want to enjoy the dance floor too. Sometimes it’s easier to get your groove on when you don’t have extra material restricting your movement!

Flaunt your legs: Many brides intensely hit the gym in the months leading up to their wedding. Why not show of your toned gams you worked so hard to achieve?

Make a fashion statement: Short wedding dresses come in just about every style. Whether you like lace or satin, you’ll make a fashion statement with the knee-length choice.

Dare to be different: Not all brides can pull off the non-traditional type of dress. If you have a daring personality that often strays from the norm, a short dress may be perfect for you!

Still can’t decide? There’s even a removable skirt wedding dress for the bride that can’t make up her mind! No matter which type of dress you choose, it will be stunning and uniquely you!


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