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Choosing the Perfect Bridal Shoe for Your Wedding

Jan 31, 2013

It’s your wedding day, and you’re absolutely allowed to be a shoe snob for this wondrous occasion! Sure, you might not be able to see your shoes when you look in the mirror, but wrapping your feet in anything less than spectacular is unacceptable. On your wedding day, your shoes should be just as fabulous as your veil and wedding dress. Here are a few helpful tips on how to find the perfect bridal shoes.

Contrasting colors can make you stand out! It’s fun and flirty to wear a shoe that doesn’t exactly match with your wedding dress. Choose a color that coordinates with something in your wedding décor, or make a statement with bold colors that differ from your white gown.

If you want to match, try and find bridal shoes that perfectly match your wedding dress. The differences between bright white and cream can be subtle at first, but when these two colors are close together, the difference is extremely noticeable.

Texture and material are extremely important to take into consideration. Leather pumps will appear less reflective and bright than a pair of patent leather pumps. Certain wedding dresses work with certain materials.

Make sure the shoes fit. Get your foot measured before purchasing shoes for your wedding. It’s also important to walk around with them on before the wedding to ensure they’re comfortable and not hazardous to walk in.

Most importantly – Find a shoe that really makes you swoon. Your wedding day should be as perfect as you want it to be from the décor to your shoes, make sure you’re satisfied and in love with whatever shoe choice you pick. There’s no reason to settle for anything but the best. If those Allure Bridal shoes are screaming your name, that’s how you know you’re making the right choice.

At we have a variety of bridal shoes to choose from, including Benjamin Adams bridal shoes and Allure Bridal shoes. If you have questions regarding your bridal shoes don’t hesitate to give us a call at our toll free number 866-866-0968. We look forward to helping make your wedding day one you’ll never forget!


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