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How To Preserve A Couture Wedding Gown

May 31, 2013

The big day has come and gone and that beautiful dress that you’ve spent so much time looking for is now hanging in your closet. Maybe your daughter will wear it one day? Maybe your mother said the same thing, but there’s no way you would wear your mom’s wedding dress! It has yellowed, it’s dingy, and time has not been kind to the detailing. This is because your mother didn’t preserve her wedding dress properly. Thankfully, with a few simple steps, you can preserve your wedding dress so it will be as white and vibrant as your wedding day. 

  • Cleaning – There are people who take care of couture wedding gowns for a living, utilize them! Search your area for gown preservationists so you get the proper cleaning of your dress. Don’t rely on your run-of-the-mill dry cleaner.  Gown preservationists will properly clean your gown to get out any unsightly stains caused by food, champagne or that wedding cake that your husband thought it would be cute to cover your face with. If these stains are left on the dress, they can oxidize and discolor your beautiful dress.
  • Packaging – So your dress is clean, now it’s time to make sure it isn’t affected by the elements. Making sure that the dress is wrapped in the proper material is a must. A white, acid-free tissue paper will work nicely. But remember, colorful tissue paper can stain the dress is it gets wet and regular tissue paper can destroy your gown due to its acid contents. Just remember, don’t wrap or seal your dress with plastic! It can cause permanent wrinkles and trap moisture.
  • Storage – Don’t hang your dress on a wire or wooden hanger, over time, gravity can wreak havoc on a dress, especially a heavier one, use a hanger built for larger garments like a padded plastic hanger. Keep in a temperate, dry area. Don’t put your expensive dress in the basement or attic where humidity and temperature fluctuations destroy all your hard work.

There you have it! Make sure you take your dress to someone who knows about dresses so your dress can get the proper care. And if you want to take a trip down memory lane, make sure you have clean hands before you touch your dress!


Dimitra Designs, Helping Every Bride Shine on Her Wedding Day

May 23, 2013

At customer satisfaction is our top priority. When you shop wedding dresses at Dimitra Designs Bridal Emporium you’ll find that our bridal consultants are eager help you find the perfect dress for your wedding day. Our stunning, quality wedding dresses and strong customer service shows through the smiles on the faces of our customers. We’d like to highlight some of the testimonials we’ve received from some of our wonderful customers.

“I want to thank you Dimitra, and Jonathan for making a hectic and stressful situation so much easier for me. I couldn’t have a better consultant than Jonathan. I told him what I was wanting and looking for and he came through for me. He has been WONDERFUL through the whole process, I look forward to continue working with him to get my Maid of Honor her dress and my Fiancé’s Tux.” – Shyla, Greenville, SC

“Dimitra, Thank you very much for helping me get my wedding dress. It was perfect. I felt more beautiful on my wedding day then I had my whole life. I am most grateful to you for making that possible. Best wishes in the New Year.” – Carol & Ryan, Greenville, SC

“I just wanted to tell you that we came in today and looked at bridal gowns not intending to actually pick out the dress, and now I can’t wait to see my daughter Kayala walk down the aisle in it. Your staff was so friendly and professional. Jasmine was our bridal consultant and wow she was so good. Your staff is the best.” – Tammy, Greenville, SC

“It’s Here!!!!!!!!! Simone, you made a dream a reality!! I was so afraid that it would be impossible to find a perfect dress after they told me that I could not get that one here on time, but you’ve been so awesome in arranging everything, and making it possible for me to have the only dress I really wanted! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! I appreciate all your trouble and effort in this regard with my whole heart!! Ps. a friend of mine is getting married next year, I will definitely refer her to your store!” – Elsabe Bezuidenhout, South Africa

Visit our testimonials page, and let us know about your special day and your experiences shopping at We look forward to hearing from you!

Now that’s What I Call Marriage: – Volume 2

May 17, 2013

Dad spun you around the dance floor to the heartfelt songs on Now that’s What I Call Marriage: – Volume 1, and now he can walk you down the aisle to the touching songs featured on Now that’s What I Call Marriage: – Volume 2. Our second wedding playlist features some classic wedding procession music, and some songs you wouldn’t normally think of for the brides walk down the aisle.

  1. “Reign of Love” – Coldplay
  2. “Going to the Chapel” – The Dixie Cups
  3. “First Day of My Life” – Bright Eyes
  4. “You & Me” – Dave Matthews
  5. “Sweet Disposition” – Vitamin String Quartet
  6. “Only Time” – Enya
  7. “Feels Like Home” – Edwina Hayes
  8. “Still the One” – Shania Twain
  9. “When I Say I Do” – Matthew West
  10. “All You Need is Love” – The Beatles
  11. “Chasing Cars” – Snow Patrol
  12. “Halo” – Beyonce
  13. “Everything” – Lifehouse
  14. “Marry Me” – Train
  15. “I Do (Cherish You)” – 98 Degrees
  16. “I’ll Be” – Edwin McCain
  17. “A Moment Like This” – Kelly Clarkson
  18. “You and Me” – Lifehouse
  19. “Ode to Joy” – from Beethoven’s Symphony 9
  20. “Mountain Spring” – Barrage


These are only a few of the many options you have to choose from, as you slowly walk down the aisle in your stunning bridal gown. You can also consider using the instrumental version of your favorite song. What song would you like to walk down the aisle to?


2013 Spring/Summer Wedding Inspirations & Ideas

May 13, 2013

With spring in full bloom and summer fast approaching, you’re bound to be thinking about an outdoor wedding.  Here at Dimitra Designs we’re excited for the 2013 Spring/Summer wedding season, and we’ve come up with some great ideas for every outdoor wedding!

- If the wedding reception will be lit by the stars and the moon then you’ll want to protect yourself, as well as your guests from the pesky bugs that come with having an outdoor wedding. Set a tiny bottle of bug spray at each table.

- Imagine the cool grass against your feet as you walk down the aisle in a sparkling pair of open toe or sling back bridal shoes. If you’re having a beach wedding you may want to trade in your bridal shoes for a pair of flip-flops or simply go barefoot.

- Temperatures are rising, but brides can stay cool and still look chic in a strapless wedding gown or in one of the many popular tea length bridal gowns.

- Speaking of rising temperatures, provide ice pops so guests can cool off and enjoy a tasty treat.

What are some of your outdoor wedding ideas? You can find other fun wedding inspirations at or on the Dimitra Designs Pinterest.