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Choosing the Best Dress for Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Jun 7, 2013

Your wedding rehearsal is time to relax in the eye of the storm of organizing and making final preparations for the big day. Though still a formal affair and certainly a great time to have cameras ready, a playful evening with close friends and relatives lets you celebrate their contributions to the commitment you’re preparing to make. The right wedding rehearsal dinner dress ensures you’ll look your best for the photos, and make a memorable impression on in-laws and other new people entering your life.

Choosing the Best Dress for the Occasion

* Brides-to-be will want to tone down the formality of the rehearsal with a fun look.

* If you’re absolutely set on white, it may be best to choose a rehearsal dinner dress that shows a bit more leg and includes a ruffled hem or feather skirt.

* You might also go with a strapless rehearsal dinner dress and ruched dress that hugs your curves or something with more of a sun dress feel.

You’ll find these and many other options from the Jordan Moments and Love Bridesmaids collections of wedding rehearsal dinner dresses at Enjoy your rehearsal celebration in style with a wedding rehearsal dinner dress that’s fit for royalty!



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