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Timeless Wedding Traditions: Something New

Jul 26, 2013

As a tradition, brides incorporate something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue in their weddings. While our last post focused on something old, in this post we’ll discuss the tradition of incorporating something new into your wedding. Each tradition signifies something special for the couple, and something new is meant to signify optimism for the future of the new couple.

There are many ways a bride can wear this tradition on her wedding, but we’ve listed a few of the more creative ways.

- Have a custom perfume created that you can wear on your wedding day.

- Incorporate your new initials into your bridal wear. You can do this by writing them on the bottom of your bridal shoes or having them stitched into your veil or gown.

- Carry a key to your new home in your bridal purse.

- Feeling daring? Get a new tattoo that represents your love for your future husband.

- Start a charm bracelet for your bride and give her one charm every year on your anniversary.

- Do something different with your hair, such as a new haircut or highlights.

What are some unique ideas that you have for wearing something new on your wedding day? Let us know with a comment! Check back with next week when we discuss the tradition of wearing something borrowed on your wedding day.


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