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Timeless Wedding Traditions: Something Blue

Aug 9, 2013

Unlike the other lines in this traditional wedding rhyme, something blue is open to interpretation. It doesn’t have to be something as simple as a blue bridal sash or veil. Incorporating something blue invites a creativity you don’t really have with the other three “must haves.” Let’s take a look at some of the creative ways you can incorporate blue into your special occasion.

- A blue bouquet can be a beautiful accent to a white or ivory gown. With so many beautiful blue flowers to choose from, it’s a great way to incorporate a pop of blue.

- Blue suede shoes? Well maybe not, but you can certainly have the bottoms of your wedding day heels painted blue. Think of it as a bridal twist on that famous Christian Louboutin look.

- Sparking sapphires are a beautiful blue accent that can be worn on in any piece of jewelry. Whether it’s a ring, a pendant or a set of earrings, sapphires are always stylish!

- Nail polish is an easy way to incorporate a beautiful soft shade of blue. It’s important to consider your jewelry and makeup when choosing a blue nail polish. You don’t want to pick a shade that will become the center of attention.

- A blue garter or blue lingerie can be a more intimate way to sneak a little blue into your ceremony.

Whatever blue you choose, be sure it’s a compliment to your bridal gown. The blue item is a wonderful opportunity to enhance any bridal ensemble. Don’t let it upstage the things that really matters on your wedding day.


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