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Choosing the Perfect Flower Girl Dress

Jan 10, 2014

Many large weddings, particularly those here in the south, have flower girls as part of the bridal party. Including the youngest member of your family or your fiancé’s family is a charming way to remember your special day. Often, flower girls are dressed as mini versions of the bride, in a white or ivory dress, with a contrasting sash that matches the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Here at Dimitra Designs, we can help you find the ideal flower girl dress for your wedding, and ensure that both you and the youngest member of your bridal party will look beautiful and be happy. When choosing a flower girl dress, make sure that you stay with the style of the wedding. If you have a formal wedding, your flower girl’s dress also needs to be formal. In addition to keeping with your color theme, make sure the dress you choose is not too long, is comfortable and wrinkle-resistant.

Remember that little girls do not stay put very long and you want to keep her looking nice as long as possible. Make sure that both your flower girl and her parents like the dress, as this little detail will go a long way on your wedding day.


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